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Work Wednesdays: 

Companies can come into the building during the student's lunchtime and advertise employment opportunities. In the past we have had companies come in and leave with new employees!! If you are interested in this event, please contact JamieLyn Johnson at  

Lunch to Learn:

Would you like to educate students on what your company or organization has to offer them? This is a time where students can sign up and bring their lunch into our Think Tank to hear about opportunities that are here in our community or what they can do after high school. If you are interested in this event, please contact JamieLyn Johnson at 

Company Spotlight:

Would your company like to spotlighted at the high school? If you would please contact We will spotlight your company on our announcements, social media, and our one-stop employment board.


If your business offers internships to high school students, please let us know!  You can contact Corinne Hayes at or JamieLyn Johnson at 


Southwest Local School District has an Ohio State Apprenticeship Council-approved Pre-Apprenticeship Operating Plan for our students to participate as pre-apprentices in local industry.  Students can earn valuable on-the-job experience or participate in mentorship or job shadowing opportunities within our Pre-Apprenticeship program.  Students can also earn 12 Industry-Recognized Credential points for successful completion of an OSAC-approved Pre-Apprenticeship program.  If your business is interested in partnering with us to offer Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities, please contact Corinne Hayes at or JamieLyn Johnson at

For more information on Ohio's Policy for Pre-Apprenticeships or Internships, please click HERE.