Superintendent's Message

July 2018

Parent Survey Yields Insight Into Climate, Communication


There are literally pages of comments, feedback provided by parents and guardians of our students who took the time to share their thoughts in our annual survey.

The questions were divided into three focus areas, allowing for input into school climate; curriculum and instruction; and communication.  In addition to the questions, parents also had the opportunity to share comments.

We received more than 582 responses  -- which reflects a 15% response rate. Since a typical response rate runs between 8-10%, we’re very pleased that so many of our parents and guardians shared their thoughts and concerns. I’m also proud to share that, overall the responses were favorable.  While responses varied from school and grade level, there were several themes that became evident.

In the school climate section, the average score was 3.87 on a scale of 5; major themes  were safety, bullying, and the desire for high school busing. In the curriculum and instruction section, the average score was 3.99; top themes shared were to remove common core and to reduce state testing, the inconsistency of homework among classes and grade levels and the use of technology. In the communication section, the average score was 4.01; major themes evident responses were inconsistency of Progress Book updates and the need for more timely information from the schools and teachers. 

Based on the feedback and comments shared, we are incorporating ways to address the gaps. For example, many parents are concerned about bullying. Thus we are creating an informal workshop to help parents better understand what both the schools and the family can do to help prevent bullying. Student safety was another top concern shared in the survey and we will continue to communicate what the district and schools are doing to enhance security and safety.

Again, thank you to all of the parents/guardians who completed the survey. The feedback is much appreciated and will be used as we continue  our  drive to provide academic and social growth for all students, every day.

John C. Hamstra
Southwest Local Schools 


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John Hamstra Superintendent


John Hamstra     Superintendent
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Corinne Hayes     Assistant Superintendent