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Why do I want to teach/work for Southwest Local Schools?

Southwest Local School District, situated in the southwestern corner of Ohio, is composed of: Harrison Elementary School, Miami Whitewater Elementary School, Crosby Elementary School, the Southwest Early Childhood Learning Center, Harrison Junior School and William Henry Harrison High School

The district enrollment is approximately 4,200. 

Geographically, Southwest is the largest district in Hamilton County.


Salary and Benefits:

The salaries at Southwest are very competitive with other Hamilton County School Districts. Single or family medical insurance plans and single or family dental plans are available. A term life insurance policy is purchased for each employee.


Award Winning Schools: 

The Southwest Local School District has achieved an “Excellent” rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the past four years.

EACH of our schools: William Henry Harrison High School, Harrison Junior School, Crosby Elementary, Harrison Elementary, Whitewater Valley Elementary and Miamitown Elementary have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education with Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education.

Harrison Elementary has been rated Excellent with Distinction for the past two years.


New Teacher Programs:

Each teacher new to the district is assigned a mentor. This person is a teacher with several years experience and in a similar department or grade level. The mentor helps the new teacher with everything from lesson planning, to handling student issues, to finding a balance between personal and professional time.


Community Relations:

Our schools are the hubs of our community. They are places where families participate or watch a myriad of activities including academic and athletic competitions, music, art and drama performances, fundraisers, latch key activities, field trips, and family nights. These activities promote a sense of belonging in each of our communities—a sense of unity, loyalty, and pride.

The Harrison Press, the local newspaper, is pleased to print stories about student successes, programs, or any other topic that the community might find interesting.

Each school has business partners in the community that assist the teachers and staff in a plethora of ways. These amazing businesses provide such things as Junior Achievement volunteers, refreshments for school functions, money to begin or continue programs, or other support for our instruction program.


School Leadership:

Our administrators are visible in the schools. They visit classrooms everyday and take time to talk to the students and teachers. Our leaders are very accessible to teachers and their records show their strong support of both students and teachers.

The Southwest Local School Board is one of the best school boards in the state of Ohio. Our Board has a consistent track record of actions that enable teachers to teach and administrators to lead.

The teachers’ union in Southwest is affiliated with the Ohio Education Association, a state agency of the National Education Association. Relationships between the union and school leaders have been solid.

If you have any questions about the district or any of the schools in particular, feel free to contact the superintendent, assistant superintendent, or any of the administrators.

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