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Community Input on Design Process

In order to gather input from the community on the four new schools,  Southwest Schools will hold a community-wide kick-off meeting Wednesday, May 23. The session, which runs from 7– 8:30 p.m., will be held at the Activity Center. 

Everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to attend this first session, which will include an update on the progress of our new schools as well as ample time for community input into the design of the four buildings and renovation of the high school. 

This is the first of several community-wide sessions which will be held, in addition to building-specific design teams which will be meeting this spring into the fall. Dates and times of other sessions will be announced once confirmed. For more information, please view the community design engagement organizational chart on the resources page

 Other meetings related to the design process will be as follows:

  • May 15 – New Elementary School Design Team (via invite); 6 – 8PM at Church on Fire
  • May 15 – New Middle School Design Team (via invite); 6 – 8PM at Church on Fire
  • June 1 – Full Elementary Kick off meeting; 9 – 10:30AM in the Activity Center
  • June 1 – Full Middle School Kick off meeting; 12 – 1:30PM in the Activity Center
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