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New Student Registration

Registration for all Southwest Schools for Grades 1 – 12 is done online in FinalForms.  You will also upload required documents in FinalForms.    

Once Online Forms are complete, and all required documents have been uploaded, please call the District Registrar, Lisa Williams, at District Office (513) 728-8401 to make sure the documents have been received and are acceptable to complete your registration.  All Forms must be completed online, no exceptions. 

Please click here to start your online registration through FinalForms. If you need instructions on creating a FinalForms account, or information on required documentation for enrolling a student, click HERE.

Documents required to be uploaded to register your student: 

  • Birth Certificate – no application will be accepted without this document. Information on obtaining a birth certificate can be found here.
  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID
  • Court/Custody Documents – if this applies (divorce decree, shared parenting, custody/guardianship papers, foster placement, safety plans, protective orders, etc.)  Must include ALL pages.
  • Proof of Residency -Please provide ONE of the following (Additional documents may be required in certain situations.)
    • Mortgage Statement or Deed
    • Lease Agreement (signed by both parties)  A month-to-month lease is not sufficient.
    • Water Bill.  NO Electric, Phone or Cable Bills accepted
    • Property Tax Statement
    • Notarized Southwest Local School District Affidavit of Residency AND Current Water Bill.
      • (The affidavit is used when parent/legal guardian and child are living in a domicile belonging to another person or leased to another person and have no other accepted residency document in the parent/legal guardian name.)
  • Grades 6-8 – Immunization record
  • Proof of child’s most recent completed grade – final report card or transcript
  • Copy of the IEP/ETR including signature page, if applicable 
  • Copy of the 504 if applicable
  • Copy of the Gifted Education Plan if applicable

Note that your student will not be enrolled until ALL of the above documents and forms are received.

Please go here for the Intra-District Transfer application. Please note that intra-district transfers will be granted sparingly and typically only under special circumstances.  

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