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Career Advising Policy

You can find a copy of the Southwest Local School District's Career Advising Policy HERE.  Our career advising programs are meant to assist students in the development of their potential and their decisions relating to educational and career matters.

Students in grades 6-12 use the Naviance program to help them explore career clusters and research many different types of jobs and career fields.  Students take a career interest survey annually to help identify their strengths and aptitudes, and to help them identify potential careers that fit their interests and skills.

Ohio has some excellent resources for career advising, as well.  Check out the Ohio Department of Education's webpage on Ohio Means Jobs HERE for more information on what students can do with this tool, or visit the Ohio Means Jobs website directly.

You can also check out the Ohio Department of Education's Career Pathways page HERE, where you can get information about many different types of jobs and the education and training required, average salary or wage, and outlook for job availability in that field.  

For more information on the district's Career Advising Policy or career exploration activities, contact Corinne Hayes, Assistant Superintendent, or any of the Junior School or High School guidance counselors.

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