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Alma Mater and Fight Song

Alma Mater & Fight Song

William Henry Harrison High School Alma Mater 

Alma Mater Green and White, hail to thee.

Hold your guiding torch aloft, light our way.

Those who went before us,

Beckon to our loyal hearts.

Come in faith and courage, may honor guide your way.

To our alma mater, Harrison, our honor now we give.

You've given us your high ideals we'll cherish all our years.

True knowledge noble work to do when for our halls we go,

True wisdom noble lives to live, to your glory, Harrison.

William Henry Harrison High School Fight Song

Cheer, cheer for Harrison High,

Shout out the echoes up to the sky.

Send our volley cheers on high,

Shake down the thunder from the sky.

Though our foes be great or be small,

The Green and the White will win over all.

And our loyal team will bring

Honor to Harrison High.

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