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Academic and Social Growth for ALL students, EVERY DAY!

About Southwest Local School District

The District is comprised of:

William Henry Harrison High School: Grades 9-12
Harrison Junior School: Grades 6-8
Crosby Elementary: Grades K-5
Harrison Elementary: Grades K-5
Miami Whitewater Elementary: Grades K-5
Southwest Early Childhood Learning Center: Preschool

Our Mission: 

"Academic and Social Growth for all students, every day!"

Our Motto: 

"Excellence through Relationships"

Our Core Values:

Trust, Respect, Ownership and Leadership

We believe . . . 

  • Education needs to take a leadership role in improving society.
  • In a working partnership among students, parents, staff and community that takes responsibility for learning and is committed to excellence in education.
  • In providing the best possible learning environment by hiring, developing and retaining quality personnel.
  • Quality education depends on appropriate educational resources.
  • In our ever-changing society, students need experiences that include the basics and provide activities to develop problem solving, decision making and creative thinking skills.
  • In maximizing students' potential, recognizing their differences and adapting the overall learning process to meet individuals' need.
  • Education is a lifelong process that occurs both inside and outside the classroom.
  • In promoting independent learning through discipline, motivation and high expectations
  • In promoting and improving positive self-esteem.
  • In teaching democratic principles that promote good character and citizenship.
  • In providing activities/programs that help develop well-rounded students who can cope with everyday pressures.
  • In instilling recognition of and respect for the rights, thoughts, feelings and contributions of others.
  • In the continuous evaluation and revitalization of the educational system
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