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Student Opportunities

On this page we will announce student opportunities that can provide your student with additional experiences outside of high school. By taking advantage of some of these opportunities your child can learn many things: time management skills, academic skills, social skills, personal skills, help your child build personal values, learn how to better network, meet students/teachers from other schools, resume building experiences and overall gaining experiences that may not be offered through our school. By communicating these opportunities and connections within our community, we are building a stronger community. 

Volunteering is an important opportunity for students in regards to their growth, experience, college life, and future. Learn the reasons behind this statement here


Camp Neuro

What: Run by local medical students- 1-week summer day camp.

Who: High school students interested in exploring careers in medicine.

Register: For more information


Cincinnati Children's High School Summer Intern Program

What: The High School Senior Summer Internship Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is an 8-week program in which graduating high school seniors work 20 hours per week with a mentor in one of 10 pediatric clinical specialties.  This internship is a paid, part-time position for graduating high school seniors only.  The program is very competitive, offering an exciting opportunity for highly motivated students interested in pursuing higher education (MD, PhD. or MD/PhD) to learn more about careers in Medicine and Clinical Research. 

Who: Graduating high school Seniors only. Successful past applicants to this highly competitive program have generally exceeded the required number of laboratory science classes at their school and have demonstrated a commitment to the sciences both in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities.

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Duke University Summer Programs

What: This program is for current 10th or 11th graders giving students a dynamic curriculum designed for your passions and talents, they set you up for Duke-caliber greatness in the setting of their gorgeous university campus. Make friends from all over the globe as you learn from the highly-trained, highly-intriguing faculty of Duke University and earn college credit!
Who: Middle school- high school students looking to earn college credit, experiences, and memories through Duke University over the summer.

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Gettysburg College Summer Programs

What: These programs include academic camps such as: psychology, american government, creative writing and information technology.

Who: Sophomores and juniors looking to expand knowledge in the above areas.

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Great Oaks Summer Camps

What: These camps will offer students practical knowledge and hands-on experience in a career field. It's a great way for them to explore career options to help them make informed decisions in the future. Diamond Oaks offers: Car Camp, Culinary Camp, Horse Camp, Welding Camp. Scarlet Oaks offers: Construction/Electricity Camp, and Truck Mechanic Camp.

For more information visit Great Oaks website

Who: The camps are for incoming 9th and 10th graders from their affiliated schools.

When: 9:00am- 3:00pm: June 4th- 8thCost: $50 a week

Where: Camps available at 4 career campuses: Diamond, Laurel, Live and Scarlet.


Miami University Scholars Program* 

What: This program is for students to get a first-hand look at life on a college campus. Student will join an engaged community of learners for an intense, two-week program on Miami's campus exploring a topic of their choice with an acclaimed Miami faculty member. Participants who later choose to apply to Miami will also receive priority consideration for Miami Merit Scholarships and Honors Program.

When: Session I: July 1-13th, 2018. Session 2: July 15-27th, 2018.

Who: Academically talented rising high school juniors and seniors 

Register: Deadline to apply is May 1st.

For more information and to apply go here.


What: This program is a career exploring program for high school students selected by school teachers/counselors. Students will witness live surgery and personally meet the surgeon and surgery professionals, observe emergency and trauma physicians in action, attend a medical school lecture and participate in hospital rounds. Their mission is to seek and find "untapped" talented high school students interested in medicine to increase the number of future Tristate physicians. 
Who: For students that are strong academically (29 ACT, 1300 SAT), motivated, mature, dependable and have a positive attitude.
When: High school junior students enter in January and conclude the program in December of their Senior year. Students meet once a month on weekday mornings, afternoons, or Saturdays. 

Register: Visit Tap Health's website for more information and visit your counselor to be nominated if interested.

DEADLINE: December 18th, 2017

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