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Academic and Social Growth for ALL students, EVERY DAY!

Mission Statement

Our goal at William Henry Harrison High School is to ensure that all students can develop as responsible, independent and contributing citizens and become lifelong learners. This process is the shared responsibility of students, parents, teachers and community members.

Mission: “Academic / Social growth for ALL students, EVERY DAY” 
Motto: “Excellence through Relationships”
Core Values: Trust, Respect, Ownership and Leadership
Keeping the Main thing, the Main thing: Relationships, Relevance and Rigor in the classroom

SLSD District / Building Goals

  1.       We will provide a SAFE / SECURE learning environment for all students and staff daily.
  2.       Reading / Math State Test Scores will meet or exceed 95% proficient.
  3.       Students and Staff attendance will meet or exceed 97%.
  4.        We will successfully grow all students – both socially and academically - daily.
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