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Student Benefits: Students will learn valuable leadership and team collaboration skills in this course and can earn Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Industry-Recognized Credentials, as well as the Leadership Excellence - Student credential through our partnership with Maximum Potential

Course Description: There are problems all around us - in our schools, in our community, in our (future) workplaces, and in our personal lives. Half the battle of solving problems is to identify specifically what the problem is and its potential root causes. The other half of the battle is to develop an appropriate strategy to fix a problem and monitor its success. Even through failure, we still learn and grow because we discovered that a potential solution was no good. So, you cross it off and attempt a different solution, all the while getting closer to improvement. This course will implore these techniques, mainly laid out by the Lean Six Sigma approach to team-based problem solving. This approach emphasizes the importance of being a valuable team member and leader in order to properly assess and improve on or decrease a problem pertaining to a product or process that we interact with daily. We will look at our school and community and you will put your skills to the test to make a positive impact on a real-world problem. 

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