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Digital Health

Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, students in 8th and 9th grade will be taking a semester of Health (a High School graduation requirement in the state of Ohio) in a digital format. In 2015-16, Health will be taken by all 8th graders in a digital format, as well as any 9th graders that may have moved in to the district. Because Health is a graduation requirement and thus taken by all students in SLSD, to offer this as a digital class allows for a college / career readiness push.

The digital Health class will not be counted towards a students’ GPA (Grade Point Average) and will receive a semester score of Pass or Fail. Quarter and midterm grades will be reflected in letter grades – to better assist parents with their child’s progress during the early stages of the class.

Students will take the class in an actual classroom, with a facilitator. The teacher for the class will send contact information home with students on the first day of class. If you have questions, feel free to contact the principal, the teacher or the facilitator.

For information regarding a student’s grade / the content (student username / password are needed) – visit: Oak Hill's Portal

For information pertaining to the Human Sexuality unit and our partnership with Maximum Freedom Inc.

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