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WHHHS Update

Posted on: February 18, 2021

Junior ACT Testing

Next Tuesday, February 23rd, all of our junior students will report to the high school at our regular start time to take the ACT test.  Please arrive by 7:40 AM and report to your assigned testing room with a number two pencil and an approved calculator.  

Ohio offers the ACT (American College Test) one time for free. The ACT score is used by colleges as a part of their acceptance process. Students can take this test many times before and after this, but at a cost to them. This is a great opportunity for all our juniors, even if they are not planning to go to college after high school. This ACT score will be placed on the student’s transcript and can be used at a later date if they choose to apply for college admittance in the future. 

If your child is a junior and a virtual student or a Great Oaks student, they will need to report to the high school on February 23rd , by 7:40 AM to take the ACT test in-person. It can not be administered virtually and must be monitored by a trained test administrator.

Freshman, Sophomores and Seniors will stay home on a Remote Learning Day on February 23.  Freshman, Sophomores and Seniors that are staying home will be responsible for lessons that our teachers will prepare in advance and put onto Teams and OneNote. Freshman, Sophomore and Seniors will not need to log on to Teams Chat February 23rd, this is because our teachers will be administering the ACT test for all Juniors and will not be available for live discussions. Our teachers will go over Remote Learning Day information with students in the classroom before the 23rd.


Next Year Student Registration

Below are the dates for class registration for next year. Students will be given registration material and information about next years classes in an assembly this Friday. If you would like to look at our class registration guide, please visit our Guidance Department web site at, then click "Class Scheduling". Currently you will find the 20-21 registration book. The 21-22 registration book will be uploaded on February 19th.

  • Feb 19th, Class registration assembly for current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students, 1st,2nd, and 3rd bell at the Activity Center.
  • Feb 25th, Current 8th grade student registration meeting, 1st bell in the Activity Center.
  • Feb 26th, March 1st and 2nd, High School Student registration, counselors visit English classrooms.
  • Incoming 9th grade parent informational video will be on our website the week of February 22nd.
  • March 4th and 5th incoming 9th grade registration, High School counselors will go to the Junior High to register current 8th graders.



High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will be next Thursday, February 25th from  3:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Conferences will be virtual using Microsoft Teams video meetings. This is the same process we used last time for conferences. We are using this virtual platform to reduce the number of people in the building, so there are fewer points of contact and possibilities of COVID spread.  Below are the steps you will need to take:

  • To schedule your conference, please click HERE to pick a time for your child’s conference. 
  • On the date of the conference, parents will need to have their child log onto Teams, using their child’s school computer, at the designated conference time.
  • Go to the Teams calendar and look for their child’s name and assigned time slot. Teachers will log in and meet you at this time as well.  Please understand that there may be a 1–2-minute lag in connection as the teachers are finishing up their previous conference.  On this note, please be courteous of other parents’ time – please be on time for your scheduled conference and try to keep your conferences within the allotted 15 minutes.  
  • We understand that some of you may have a child that has practice or an activity after school and may not be around to help you log in at this time.  To accommodate that, we will be holding conferences until 8:30 in the evening.  Please do your best to schedule your conference when your child is at home. If this is not conducive, and your child is unable to be with you when you are available to conference, please have them show you how to log on to Teams prior to February 25th.

If you have additional questions for your child’s teacher, feel free to email them or check your child’s grades via Progress Book.