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WHHHS Update

Posted on: September 14, 2020

Parents and Students,

We were so excited to have students back in the building last week. It was worth every second of planning and preparation to see our students walk through the front door. We would like to thank our students, parents and teachers for making our first week back to school such a success. In this communication we will address several questions we received from students and parents.  If you are looking for additional information please check our school website at



We are starting to get questions about student illness.  Please note, this is very important, that if your child is showing any symptoms of illness, please keep them home.  A major part of us being back in school is dependent on students and families working to keep each other safe.

If a child is sent home, our front office team, administration, and school nurse will communicate directly with families regarding how long a child may need to stay home.  Our district has updated the attendance policy to reflect the changes based upon the guidelines of the Hamilton County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health.  These guidelines will provide us a basis in decision making.  Please know, for many students and families this will mean that your child may be home more than they have in the past. 

We are working and training as a staff to better serve our students if they are out ill, or would need to quarantine for any reason.  The foundation of this will be good communication directly with the family impacted.  Please note, there will be no awards for Perfect Attendance this year, as we want students and families to make decisions based only on safety of themselves and others.  Thank you in advance for working with us.


Virtual Students and Families

Thank you for a strong first week as each of us learn about this new approach to learning.  For some students, they have excelled, for others, it has been a major struggle.  Please note, just because your child is online, they are still a Harrison Wildcat and we want them to be a part of our school.

Our teachers are reaching out to all 200 students who have chosen to go virtual (although, not all of them have answered or responded) and we will continue to connect with students weekly to check their progress.  Know that there will be a lot of lessons that we ALL will learn through the process.  I commend families who are working to network together and learn from each other.

Many have asked, “what if my child has finished early?  What should they do, and how do they log their time to ensure they are completing their 30 hours a week?"  Families should click HERE for the chart.

In addition, we have had several FAQ’s and our virtual families can click HERE to review the information.  This link also will assist with the virtual “Help Desk” for tech issues, etc…

Again, families, know that we are with you, and that our students will struggle.  We know it is much harder than it was in the Spring, this is because our students are experiencing new learning.  Please continue to work to set common schedules and routines for your child and know that we are here to support your family.  We have had several requests for students to return to Face to Face instruction, at this time we are unable to honor these requests because we have reallocated our teachers to account for the decisions families made to go virtual.  Our goal is to make each child successful, we are shoulder to shoulder with parents and students through this process.


Senior Presentation

Click HERE for a copy of the presentation given on Friday, September 11th during Homeroom.  This slide show will show you how to properly submit a transcript and/or a Letter of Recommendation request through Naviance.  For any Senior that was not here on Friday, you must submit your transcript requests through Naviance, along with any requests for Letters of Recommendation from a staff member.  Please contact your Guidance Counselor if you have any questions.


Thank you again for a great start to the school year!

Matt Lindley
Principal WHHHS