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Prom Itinerary

Posted on: May 2, 2022

Harrison 2022 Prom Itinerary
Friday May 13th, 2022
Email with any questions. 


  • Arrival at High School (5:30-6:45)
    • Students can arrive at the high school gym at 5:30 at the earliest.
    • If students are going to After Prom, they will need to bring a change of clothes, and will leave their change of clothes on the bus during the dance. They will then need to get back on the same bus upon leaving the riverboat.
    • Students who do not wish to go to After Prom will get on a separate bus.
    • Last bus will leave by 6:45.
    • NO ONE can attend prom without taking a bus from the high school.
  • B&B Riverboats (6:45-11:00)
    • Arrive on buses between 6:30-7:15.
    • Boat leaves at 7:30.
    • Dinner is served on the boat.
    • Dance continues throughout the evening.
    • Photo backdrops will be available on the boat.
    • Boat returns to the dock at 11:00.
    • Buses either return to the high school or go directly to The Place for After Prom.
  • After Prom at The Place (11:00-1:30)
    • Buses arrive at 11:30.
    • Skating, game room, laser tag, bumper cars, photo booth, etc. will be available.
    • Free pizza and snacks.
    • Buses will return to the high school periodically, whenever there are enough students to fill a bus.
    • Last buses will leave The Place at 1:30 to return to the high school.

Bar Arrangements

Package includes Unlimited Coffee, Tea, Water, and Soft Drinks

Food Arrangements

Buffet Dinner: (2 buffets on 2 and 2 buffets on 3) - Rolled silverware on buffets.

* Signature house salad with house made ranch and balsamic dressings

* Dinner Rolls and Butter

* Roasted Beef Short Ribs

* Marinated Chicken Breast

* Fresh seasonal vegetable

* Mashed potatoes

* Pasta Primavera

* NY Cheesecake