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Important Information for Parents

Posted on: September 17, 2021

We are already at the halfway point of the 1st Quarter and it has gone quickly.  Our students have done a great job, and we are so proud of them.

Just a few items as we close out the week:

Devious Licks Challenge

I am a little embarrassed to have to write about this problem that is occurring in schools across the country.  There is a Tik Tok challenge out that is entitled #licks or #deviouslicks where students are stealing objects from schools and posting it on social media.  This specific challenge has students steal objects from the school and either show off what they stole or to deposit in the toilet at the school.  Over the past couple of days at Harrison High School we have noticed some areas specifically within the restrooms that are being vandalized. We have had 3 different incidents where students have been caught, and 2 more that we are currently investigating.  Parents, we need your help.  Please talk to your children about the consequences your student will face for vandalism or theft. We take this seriously and will provide consequences for any student who damages school property, including legal charges if necessary and requiring the family of the student who caused the damage to financially pay for the repairs. Clearly, we take pride in our new schools and our grateful that our community has supported us in this process.  We want to thank parents for helping us in this process.  If you want to see some of videos for yourself, you can get on Tik Tok (or your child’s account if they have one) and search #licks or #deviouslicks.

We know that keeping up with the latest social media can be a challenge.  Here are some resources which may help you from Common Sense Media:

Parents Ultimate Guide to Tik Tok

13 Viral Challenges Your Child Already Knows About


A reminder to our families that this would have been our normal week for mid-terms.  With Progress Book, students and families are able to access their grades at anytime.  We encourage families to login to Progress Book and check on how their students are being successful.  If you, or your child is having a hard time logging in, please call our office or email  

Matt Lindley
Principal WHHHS