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Emergency Kits for Classrooms

Posted on: September 13, 2018

Last year after discussion with the JR and SR High Schools, the PTA agreed to focus some of our fundraising money for Classroom Emergency Kits (for every classroom in the JR and SR High schools).


Our mission this year is to complete the fundraising required to complete the Classroom Emergency Kits.  These kits are to ensure each classroom is prepared for a multitude of emergencies, from medical to extreme weather and more.


There are 120 classrooms.  EACH Emergency Kit will cost approximately $70 to complete.  This is approximately $8000 we need to raise to complete this mission (if purchasing from scratch)! We have some ready to go but need your help in reaching our goal to complete these by the end of 2018.


To help with our efforts, it was agreed to have a Donation Table for the Emergency Kits on Saturday, September 15, 9-11am during the Day of Service. A table will be set up outside the Junior High School for donations of Items or money towards this important cause.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!


1.  You can help by sponsoring either an entire kit ($70), donating items from the list, or a cash donation of any amount.  


  • Full or half cash Classroom Emergency Kit sponsors can have their name or company on the buckets.  Please advise at time of donation so we can get the right details!


2.  Items we are looking to collect as donations at the Day of Service this Saturday include:


Large Buckets (these can be found at hardware stores, Amazon and other online sources)


Duct tape


Zip Ties

Shower Curtain (opaque or colored but not clear - used if someone needs privacy)

Toilet Paper/Paper towels

Hand Sanitizer


Basic First Aid Kit

Mylar Blankets


Folders and supplies for teacher (to hold class list, paper, pen, pencil, marker)

(we need 120 totals of each)


Please note: Officer Willig has been working with the schools to provide a further list of items which we may add to the buckets once we get the basics complete.  The items above are greatly appreciated at this time!


If you have any questions please contact Laura Hemple, PTA VP who is overseeing the Emergency Kits this year. laurahemple@gmail.com