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DECA Students Bound for State

Posted on: March 3, 2021

Harrison/Great Oaks students are headed to state competition after placing among the top students in virtual regional business and marketing events sponsored by DECA, an international business student organization.

The students are part of the Marketing Management and Research program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses in partnership with Harrison High School and are members of the local DECA chapter.

The competitors had to make a recorded presentation that dealt with human relations problem solving, selling, promotion, economic concepts, management decision making, pricing, product development, planning marketing strategies, customer service problem solving or a combination of the above.  They also took a one-hundred question multiple choice test on marketing and business concepts. 

The state-bound students are:

Holly Forbeck, First – Accounting
Ava Whitis, Second – Accounting
Mayson Hopkins, Third – Accounting

Kailey Egan, First – Apparel and Accessories Marketing
Rachel Duerler, Second – Apparel and Accessories Marketing
Samantha Farfsing, Third – Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Callie Ferguson, First – Automotive Services
Jerome  Jacob, Second – Automotive Services

Sophia Fanelli, First – Business Finance
Evan Metzger, Third – Business Finance
Ava Chaney, First – Business Services
Christina Simendinger, Second – Business Services
Emma Barrier, Third – Business Services

Emily Toelke, First – Entrepreneurship
Kristen Calderone, Second – Entrepreneurship
Honey Dick, Third – Entrepreneurship

Emily Heimkreiter, First – Food Marketing

Wes Disbro, Second – Hotel and Lodging Management
Alex Eppert, Third – Hotel and Lodging Management

Eve King, First – Human Resources
Emma Huber, Third – Human Resource

Emily Davis, First – Marketing Communications
Lydia Leurck, Second – Marketing Communications
Brianna Torrence, Third – Marketing Communications

Kennedy Ashley , First – Quick Serve Restaurant Management
Samantha Pettinger, Second – Quick Serve Restaurant Management
Kamryn Kinnett, Third – Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Luke King, First – Retail Marketing
Annalise Borcher, Second – Retail Marketing
Andrew Roush, Third – Retail Marketing

Cheyenne Fausz, First – Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Jack Ward, Second – Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Aiden Miller, Third – Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Josh Moore, First – Personal Financial Literacy
Carter Daniel, Second – Personal Financial Literacy
Vincent Yang, Third – Personal Financial Literacy

Gavin Linz, First – Principles of Business
Allie Kiefer, Second – Principles of Business
Joe Banks, Third – Principles of Business

Lilly Longworth, First – Principles of Finance
Ella Kilby, Second – Principles of Finance
Alyssa Kissing, Third – Principles of Finance

Ashvi Patel, First – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Lexi Reardon, Second – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Lucas Neckel, Third – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

Leah Marx, First – Principles of Marketing
Addisen Kohls, Second – Principles of Marketing
Morgan Gardner, Third – Principles of Marketing

Alexi Moore and Livvy Stubenrauch, First – Business Law and Ethics Team
Kyle Van Horn and Grant Metcalf, Second – Business Law and Ethics Team
Emma Hellmann and Lillian Schroder, Third – Business Law and Ethics Team

Dawson Haynie and Grant Morse, First – Buying and Merchandising Team
David Compton and Ethan White, Second – Buying and Merchandising Team
Abbey Coyle and Shelby Young, Third – Buying and Merchandising Team

Matthew Chuck and Blake Keppler, First - Entrepreneurship Team
Ayden Mackendrick and Jacob Pittman, Second – Entrepreneurship Team
Morgan Mundy and Meagan Mundy, Third – Entrepreneurship Team

Caleb Turner and Rocky Weber, First – Financial Services Team Event
Owen Lawson and Evan Winia, Second – Financial Services Team Event
Luke Jackson and Eric Freel, Third – Financial Services Team Event

Natalie Kiefer and Aaliyah Rust, First – Hospitality Services
Cameron Wilcox and Corey Kiefer, Second – Hospitality Services
Izzy Heimkreiter and Ally Holland, Third – Hospitality Services

Dannon Lotz and Kavya Patel, First – Marketing Management Team
Naiya Brock and Alexa Spaeth, Second – Marketing Management Team
Ella Pfaffl and Annie Biedenbach, Third – Marketing Management Team

Julia Harmon and Terrin Jackson, First – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Event
Brandon Beebe and Grant Swope, Second – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Event
Corrine Egan and Kristen Egan, Third – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Event

Nate Readnower and Braeden Zuber, First – Travel and Tourism Team Event
Natalie Benedict and Lauren Holland, Second – Travel and Tourism Team Event
Nick Sedam and Anthony Sedam, Third – Travel and Tourism Team Event

Chloe Schwettmann, Second – Hospitality Professional Selling
Ella Norman, Third – Hospitality Professional Selling

Mitchell Ruehl, First – Financial Consulting

Sophia Dawson, First – Professional Selling

Clayton Purdy and Jack Webster, First – Integrated Marketing Campaign Service
Alex Peak and Nathan Blank, Second – Integrated Marketing Campaign Service

Courtney Reckelhoff, First – Integrated Marketing Campaign Event
Beth Mason, Second – Integrated Marketing Campaign Event
Kennedy Boatright and Kelsee Hibbard – Integrated Marketing Campaign Event

Ally White and Krissy Kowalski, First – Integrated Marketing Campaign Product
Emma Piepmeier, Hailey Roudebush and Jocelyn Hopkins, Second – Integrated Marketing Campaign Product
Brendan Dreyer, Third – Integrated Marketing Campaign Product

Emma Gorenflo, First – Innovation Plan
Andy Roberts, Second – Innovation Plan

The top qualifiers advance to the DECA State Career Development Conference during March, with a chance to qualify for national competition.