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Construction of New Schools Continues On Time and On Budget

Posted on: February 9, 2020

Construction of our new school buildings is in full swing, with the project remaining on time and on budget.  The endeavor consists of three new elementary schools, one new middle school, and extensive renovations to the current high school.  

In January, some highlights included installation of utility piping for water distribution, gravel laydown, and exterior footings and foundations. Storm water drainage is complete at Harrison and Crosby. The loop road gravel is installed at central campus, the north parking lot and junior school east parking lot is graveled in.  350 Geopiers are being installed at central campus.  Both the new Junior School and Miami Whitewater Elementary will sit on these piers, due to their weight and the ground underneath the schools being sand and gravel. 

In progress during February at Crosby and Harrison Elementary, footers are complete and foundation block is being laid.  Underground utility prep / slab prep is getting underway.  Masons and electricians have been mobilized.  Elevator pits are in process.  At Central Campus, storm piping is complete and aggregate piering is taking place.  Water main work continues for this site and footers are expected to start up by early March.

Be sure to check our Facilities for the Future website often,  We publish the "Weekly Blitz" each weekend, recapping the progress that has been made the previous week.  Additionally, we have photo albums for each building showing both aerial and ground level headway, which are also updated regularly.  Finally, be sure to "like" us on Facebook @SLSDFacilitiesForTheFuture.