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WVE Arrival & Dismissal Update

Posted on: March 4, 2021

Safety is our #1 priority at Whitewater Valley Elementary.  In collaboration with our SRO, Officer Lutterbie, we have adjusted student drop-off and pick-up locations in the front parking lot.  The changes will ensure that students are supervised and safe during arrival and dismissal.  The updated parking lot map can be found HERE.  Please note that there is only one continuous carpool lane marked with green arrows.  If you choose to stay in your vehicle, please enter the lot and pull around to the far right.  Children should exit your vehicle on the passenger side and not driver's side so they can walk safely to the crosswalk.  If you choose to park your vehicle, please walk your child to the red X on the attached map so Mrs. Neckel or other adult on duty can help him/her cross safely.  The second lane of the lot (closest to Campbell Rd.) has been congested lately because parents stop to drop children off.  This lane can no longer be used as a carpool lane.  The side gym lot is for staff parking only.  Parents should not be pulling in the bus lane and backing in along the field, as the signs out by Campbell Rd. clearly state "Do Not Enter".  

Finally, the volume of cars in the parking lot at arrival and dismissal will be a bit more steady if parents and guardians remember to bring their children in the correct wave.  This evens out the number of children and cars in the lot.  As a reminder, here are the waves:


  • Wave #1 = A-I at 8:40
  • Wave #2 = J-R at 8:50
  • Wave #3 = S-Z at 9:00



  • Wave #1 = A-I (right after announcements)
  • Wave #2 = J-R (3:45)
  • Wave #3 = S-Z (3:50)


Thank you for keeping our students safe!  They are precious little pedestrians in our parking lot.  Be patient during arrival and dismissal.  Please don't get distracted by your cell phone or mobile device & keep your attention on our students.  Share the attached map and this message with whoever brings your child to and from school (daycare, grandparents, babysitters, etc.).  If you have any other suggestions or observations about safety in the parking lot, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Neckel.