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Safety and Health Update

Posted on: November 8, 2021

Good evening SLSD parents / guardians,

Over the weekend, a threat was made by an individual in a neighboring state towards another Wm. Henry Harrison High School (there are several throughout the country). This threat did pop up on the social media accounts of several of OUR high school students, due to sharing the same high school in name only. This threat screenshot was shared with adults – which we encourage our students to do – and then passed along to social media. We do appreciate the parents that passed this information along to school officials and the Harrison PD. An investigation ensued and the information we had was passed along to the police and school officials at the neighboring state / school district – for it to be addressed where the issue existed.  A juvenile was arrested in connection with the threats.  You can read more about that HERE.  Again, there was never a threat directed at our Wm. Henry Harrison High School, in Harrison Ohio.

While we understand the alarm this event caused, we again appreciate the folks that brought it directly to the authorities and administration to be dealt with. We understand that there will still be some uneasiness this week, to which we plan to have an added police presence at the high school. 

Bottom line – our students did exactly as they were supposed to: hear something, see something, say something!  They shared it with adults, and then the adults passed the info along to the folks that can address the issue.  This is how we maintain the absolute safest learning environment possible in our schools, as well as one of our core values: TRUST.

Finally, our COVID numbers from last week are available HERE.

Kind regards,
John C. Hamstra
Southwest Local Schools