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Parent-Teacher Conference Information

Posted on: September 22, 2019

Dear Parents,


We are excited about the start of the school year, and this week we will host our First Parent Teacher Conference Night of the year.  This will take place on Thursday, September 26th.  Our 6th Grade students are still place in “Teams”, meaning that they have the same Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies teacher.  As a result, 6th Grade parents will sign up for a “Team” Conference.


Parents, as we shift into the Junior School from Elementary School it becomes harder for us to accommodate all parents on conference nights, as our teachers shift from having 30 or so students, to having nearly 150 students throughout the day.  If you child’s team is filled prior to you signing up for conferences, please feel free to contact the teacher directly.  Teachers have a common plan time, and often times are able to complete phone or face to face conferences throughout the week.


6th Grade parents wanting to meet with an “elective” teacher may sign up with that individual teacher.


For our 7th and 8th Grade families, conferences will be done by individual teachers.  Please select the specific teachers you would like to meet with through the link below.


For any parents who have questions, please contact the school at 513-367-4831 and we will assist you in the process.


Christian (CT) Tracy


Harrison Junior School