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HJS Update

Posted on: December 29, 2020

We hope that each of our families enjoyed their Christmas and Holiday celebrations.  This year was certainly different for many of us.  The Holidays are about family, and this year it was no different… it just may have been smaller gatherings, Zoom calls, etc., but on Christmas morning, when our kids woke up, they were excited about presents, and memories were still created for each of us.

As we approach the new year, I wanted to reach out to our families and share some important information before we return on January 4th.


We are still in partnership with Hamilton County Health Department and as a school, we are excited about the progress being made with vaccines.  Our number one goal for our students is to keep them safe each day.  As a part of this, it is imperative that you report if your child has COVID-19.  This includes on break.  This will allow us to work with your family to ensure that the return dates are accurate, as well as help our school make the best decisions about staying open.  Our goal is to always keep our students face to face; we believe they learn better this way.  This only works if as a school we are honest with our families, and our families are honest with us as a school.  If your child is diagnosed with COVID or is quarantined as a result of a close contact, please email me directly at

Students returning from 1st Semester Virtual to Face to Face

We are excited to welcome back our students who are returning face to face.  This will be a transition for these students, and it will be an adjustment like going to a new school.  That is okay, we are excited to welcome them back.  Students who are returning from virtual to Face to Face should report the HJS Auditorium on the first day (please leave 2 seats between you and other students).  We will meet with these students, ensure they have the correct schedules, and send them to class.  If you have not received information on bus transportation, please email

Academic and Social Growth

Our mission has not changed, even during these times our focus is going to be on growing our students academically and socially each day.  Over the course of the first half of the year our students have done and incredible job working both face to face and online.  I want to commend their hard work, as well as the teachers and support staff who have had to learn on the fly to ensure that are growing each and every day.  In addition, this year, we collected the highest total of canned goods in our district’s history, helping over 190 families during the holiday season.  Students remain involved in clubs and athletics, and we look forward to continuing to grow throughout 2021!!!

Our Office is Closed, but we are Still Here to Help

Currently, our front office is closed until January 4th.  However, if you do need something, simply email and we will work to get resolution. 

Have an amazing New Year!  See you on the 4th.