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HJS Update

Posted on: April 22, 2020

With Governor DeWine’s announcement that school buildings will be closed the remainder of the year, we wanted to share some very important information with our families.

First and foremost, just because the building is closed, it does not mean that schools are closed.  We will still be working each day to ensure that students are being served and educated.  In addition, we want to make sure that the supports that we have in place for meals, special education services, and student safety remain through the remainder of the school year.  We miss our kids and while we are saddened by the announcement, our number one goal will always be the safety of our students.

We know parents and students have many questions, and we are going offer many of the answers below.  Please take a moment to read through this email with your child.

When is the last day of School?
The last day of school will remain May 27th.  We will communicate laptop collection and other items as well.  Students should plan to continue to work through the end of the school year.  Remember, the building is closed, but school is not!


When am I am able to come get items out of my locker/classrooms?

We have had some folks come and pick up items.  Our building is open from 8:00 to 2:00 each day.  We are limiting the amount of people within the building to 10 to comply with Governor’s orders, and unless you need to get something, we encourage you to wait until the end of the year.  We will be sending out a Sign-Up Genius  in mid-May and allowing students to pick up any remaining items when they turn in their devices at the end of the year.


When will I turn in my laptop?

Laptop collection will take place in late May.  We are working with our tech department, but our students should plan to work up to Memorial Day Weekend with their laptops.  Laptop collection will take place the week following Memorial Day.  Families will be able to sign up for times to drop off their laptops and remain safe.


When can I turn in my textbooks, library books, etc…?

Textbooks and Library Books (both for Harrison Junior School, Hamilton County Public Library and Teacher Library’s can be dropped off in our front lobby when students turn in their laptops.


Am I going to pass this year?

Students will not fail as a result of Covid-19, this has been directed to us by the State of Ohio.  However, if a student was on pace to fail based on their first semester grades, they could still fail for the year.  It is important that students are continuing to login and complete work for their teachers.  Progressbook continues to be updated, we encourage our families to remain in  consistent contact with their teachers.  Summer school will take place online for students who need it to pass on to the next grade level.


Can I still pick up meals for my student?

Yes, our Food Pantry is open everyday from 8:00 – 2:00 and was just restocked by Freestore Foodbank this morning.  In addition, families can pick up school breakfast and lunches for the week each Monday and Thursday between 9:00 and 12:00.  You will need your student’s ID/Lunch number to pick up meals. 


What about Graduation? 8th Grade Dance? Awards Programs? Etc…?

Mr. Hamstra spoke to alternative graduation dates.  In addition, we are looking at Awards Programs, 8th Grade Dance, etc… to see if there is a creative way to make these things happen.  As of now, the 8th Grade Dance has been cancelled, but we still want to celebrate this group.  Students will receive awards at the end of the year, and that ceremony would look different.  We will share this information with families as different events arise.


Will school start on time in the Fall?

We hope so!!!  We are closely following the situation, but will always keep our kid’s safety at the forefront of our decisions.  We are planning to start on time next year, but if we are told that we cannot, we are still going to find ways to live our mission of growing kids academically and socially each day!


Schedule Distribution

We will be mailing out our current 6th and 7th Grade Schedules the week of May 11th.  Current 8th Grade students will receive their schedules in the mail the week of May 4th.  Current 5th Grade students will receive their schedules at Camp Junior Wildcat in August.


Thank You!

We know these are new times for us, and we miss our students immensely, but as always we will continue to partner with our families and work to grow our kids.  If you have questions, please reach at to us at 513-367-4831. 


All the Best,

Harrison Junior School