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HJS Remote 2.0 Details

Posted on: December 14, 2020
Important Information

Good Morning,

With today’s announcement that we will be going Remote for the upcoming week, we want to share with our students and staff specific expectations that we will have in place to ensure that all of us (students, teachers, parents, etc..) are on the same page so that we can finish the quarter strong!

All students will bring items they need home from school, including their computers, chargers, as well as clear all items out of their lockers (if they have a locker) to ensure that we can complete a deep clean over the break.

Click HERE for our schedule while we are remote.  

Please know that students and teachers are required to be present and logged onto their TEAMS at the beginning of each bell, and they should remain online for the duration of the bell.  Teachers are required to take daily attendance.  We also want to make sure that we are supporting our families by letting everyone know what the expectations are for our students when they get online.

We ask that students treat this just as if they are in school.  They should be dressed appropriately, be aware of what is in the background of their camera, and ensure that for the start of class, that their cameras are on so that they are able to engage with each other and our teachers.

Click HERE for the Remote 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These are answers to questions that were asked by both parents and students concerning remote learning.

This will look much different than Remote Learning last March.  Our students have made incredible progress this Fall, and we feel lucky that we were able to keep our students face to face for the first 15 weeks of the school year!

Families/Students should take the opportunity to use Office Hours as well.  If your child is struggling with a concept, or needs some more individualized attention with a teacher, we have built this time in for them to have support.  They can contact teachers directly via TEAMS.  This is a great opportunity for them to receive support!

For our students involved in Extra-Curricular Activities, please contact your advisor or coach directly for information regarding your club/sport.  The advisor/coach will give you the most up to date information about their program.

Meals will be available for those in need on Thursday, December 15th from 3 – 4 P.M at the Cafeteria doors.  Please call our office at 513-367-4831 before 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday, December 16th to place your order.

Parents – please continue to communicate with the schools – when / if your child is being COVID tested, and the results. We plan to continue to track this information each day, as well as over the holiday break.  We are here to support your family, if you have needs over the Christmas Break, please reach out to us at 513-367-4831.  We want to support our students and look forward to seeing them online this week, and face to face in January.

In Education,
Christian Tracy
Harrison Junior School