Harrison Junior School News

2020-2021 Bus Transportation Information

Posted on: April 28, 2020

Around April of each year, the transportation department begins to work on the bus routes for the following year.  While it isn't as feasible to send out a personalized form for each students as we have in year's past, we would like to know who is changing their pick-up and drop-off locations for next year.  

Click HERE for a link to the 2020-2021 Transportation Request Form.  Hard copy forms will also be available at the elementary schools during Brain Bag drop-off / pick-up on May 4.   

To limit the number of papers coming into our office, we are only asking parents of students who are changing their child's transportation pick-up or drop-off locations for next school year to submit a new form.  For any student that does not return a paper, we will simply roll-over their current information for pick-up and drop-off to next school year.  If you would like everything to stay the same as this year, there is no need to submit a form to our office.

Forms for those that are changing information for next school year can be returned to the school office, the SLSD District Office, or emailed to adam.lohbeck@southwestschools.org once completed.  Questions regarding transportation may also be emailed to adam.lohbeck@southwestschools.org or susan.toelke@southwestschools.org.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this information and give us a "head start" on planning for next school year.