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SLSD Health Update

Posted on: December 30, 2020

We are working in close partnership with the Hamilton County Health Department and as a school district, we are excited about the progress being made with vaccine distribution. Our number one priority is student and staff safety - each and every day.

As a part of this, it is imperative that you report if your child has COVID-19. This includes any cases over winter break. This will allow us to work with your family to ensure that the return dates are accurate, as well as help our school make the best decisions about teaching face-to-face vs. emergency remote. Our goal is to always keep our students face to face; we believe they learn better this way.  Our plan is to start face-to-face / virtual, depending on your 2nd semester selection. If positive case numbers (staff and/or student) are too high, we will look to start remote.  We will make the official call on Friday afternoon, January 1.  Please forgive the holiday email.  It will be short and to the point - speaking to our position for starting 2nd semester.  The sooner we get communication from any positive cases, the better decision we are able to make.

Additionally, please note the updated guidance from Governor DeWine released earlier today:  “Preliminary results from Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation Team found if students in class are masked/distanced, they did not have an increased risk of catching the virus from a nearby positive student.  Because of the data we now have, we’re changing our guidance and are no longer recommending that students who have been exposed to another COVID+ student quarantine - as long as all students have been wearing masks and the exposure took place in a classroom setting.  Schools should continue to quarantine exposed students if masking/distancing protocols were not followed. This change doesn’t apply to after-school activities, including sports.”

If your child is diagnosed with COVID-19, or is quarantined as a result of a close contact, please email your child's principal and call the school office. We are monitoring messages to help us make the most informed decision about how we return to school on January 4th.

Please click HERE for the latest SLSD Health Update.