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Second Semester Update

Posted on: January 1, 2021

As we wrap up the winter holiday break, it is our hope that each of you found time to rest, rejuvenate, and build into family. 

Thank you to those families who have kept us informed over the break if their child tested positive for COVID-19.  As of this moment, we are aware of the following positive case numbers by building:
Crosby Elementary:  2 students
Harrison Elementary:  None
Miamitown Elementary:  3 staff members
Whitewater Valley Elementary:  1 staff member
Harrison Junior School:  4 students
Harrison High School:  2 students, 3 staff members
District:  2 classified staff members

With the above numbers, we will start the second semester on Monday, January 4 as we started first semester… with nearly 85% of our students face-to-face, and around 15% of our students choosing the virtual option.  We will maintain our position that if we detect spread within our schools, or we are unable to safely staff our schools, we will switch over to remote learning for whatever timeframe is necessary. We will start small (by class, grade or school) and work up as needed. 

Additionally, we are awaiting final clarification on Governor DeWine’s announcement regarding quarantines, but as of now, we understand it as classroom-originated close contact quarantines are no more.  So now, only positive cases would be out of school for their necessary isolation period. This does not apply to extra-curricular close contacts.  They would still fall under the old edict.

We are excited about what the second semester holds, from both an academic and social growth standpoint, and also the progress being made on vaccine distribution.  We can’t wait to get back after it this coming Monday!