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Safety Drills in Motion

Posted on: September 26, 2018
Bus Evacuation Drill

Each school year, our buildings run about 16 safety drills that focus on fire, tornado, and intruder scenarios in accordance with state laws.  Similarly, the State of Ohio requires our students to practice bus evacuations.  In September, we completed bus evacuations for all Junior School and Elementary School students.  These drills consist of practicing an evacuation out the rear emergency exit, establishing points of safety away from the bus, and other important details to get students off of the bus and away from any danger as quickly as possible.


Over the summer, our drivers also attended a brand new “Active Threat” training session that discussed how to help students when an intruder was on the bus.  This involved de-escalation techniques, throwing things at the intruder if needed, and driving techniques to keep the threat off-balance, literally.  The training focused on what drivers can do in threatening scenarios to keep all of the students safe on the bus or at a bus stop.


Student safety is a priority for us everyday as we transport students, beyond just bus evacuations.  Points of safety are designated at each stop to keep students away from the “danger zone” around the bus as it pulls up to or away from each stop.  Drivers are also expected to monitor student behavior and address concerns as they arise.  We try to enforce similar rules to the classroom - though our drivers face the road in front of them and not the students (as a teacher would), which makes this a more difficult task. 


Your support at home and the cooperation of our students are greatly appreciated when it comes to student behavior and safety on the school bus each day.