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Incoming 6th Grade Orientation

Posted on: May 10, 2022

What an incredible two days where we were able to meet with your child and welcome them to Harrison Junior School.  It gave us the opportunity to share our mission of Academic and Social Growth for ALL students; every day.

In addition to this, we spoke to your children about our core values of Trust, Respect, Ownership & Leadership, and what this looks like for a future 6th Grade student at HJS.  Students had the opportunity to learn about our pep assemblies, tour the school, meet some of the teachers, have a Q & A about Middle School, and receive their schedule for the upcoming school year.

Your children were incredibly excited about their experience and did an awesome job working with our Staff during this experience.  We want to take a moment and reach out to families/parents to give each of you answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  I am excited and nervous about my child coming to HJS.  If I have questions, to whom should I reach out?
A:  Feel free to call our front office at 513-367-4831 or reply to this email.  Our goal is to help you and we want to be there to answer your questions.

Q:  My child has a question about their schedule or wants to request a class change, what should I do?
A:  The majority of our students received all their requests, however we run a very tight schedule, which at times will not allow students to make changes.  If you would like to request a schedule change, complete the Class Change Request Form.  These are available from your child’s homeroom teacher.  This form must be submitted to their 5th Grade homeroom teacher by this Thursday, May 12th.  We will look at each request and finalize all 6th Grade schedules prior to the end of the current school year.  If you have specific questions regarding your child’s schedule you can email

Q:  My child is worried about using a locker, can they practice?
A:  Sure, if you would like to get them a lock they can practice, but know that our locks are built into their lockers.  We will make sure that each child gets a lot of practice when we start the school year.

Q:  Can I my child walk their classes in the summer?
A:  Of course.  Our building is open most of the summer, but starting August 1st, we will be open every day.

Q:  What important dates are coming up for my child?
A:  The biggest date is August 9th. this will be our annual Camp Junior Wildcat and Open House for families.  We will send home details in June.

We are so excited to welcome your children and family to Harrison Junior School.  Thank you for being a part of our community!

In Education,
Christian Tracy
​​​​​​​Harrison Junior School