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Important Information for Parents

Posted on: September 17, 2021

Please take a moment to review this information as well as discuss it with your child. 

Over the past couple weeks, throughout the United States, school districts have noticed, some areas, specifically within the restrooms, are being vandalized.   A new challenge has emerged on Tik Tok known as the "devious lick" challenge. Students are encouraged to document themselves stealing or destroying items at school and posting it on Tik Tok.  Please talk to your children about the consequences they will face for vandalism or theft. We take this seriously and will provide consequences for any student who damages school property, including legal charges and replacement charges if necessary.

Another challenge that has made its way to Harrison is called the "One Chip Challenge". This challenge involves the purchase of an extremely hot tortilla chip and having someone eat the chip or a piece of a chip. Students who have eaten the chip are known to immediately throw up and/or be in a severe amount of pain. These chips are currently being sold in stores located in Harrison for around $7.00. The box is shaped like a coffin with a yellow skull and red scorpions along the side. 

We know that keeping up with the latest social media can be a challenge.  Here are some resources which may help you from Common Sense Media:

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