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WHHHS Update

Posted on: May 12, 2023

We are halfway through May!  Students have received their 2023-2024 class schedules, and our seniors are entering their last week at Harrison High School!

All of our spring sports are now into their post-season competition, we have a band concert coming up this week, and our district-wide Day of Service is coming up on Wednesday!  This upcoming week is also our third annual Shower With Kindness Week sponsored by Student Council—see below for more information!

Please see the updates and reminders below as many things are happening each week as we approach the end of the school year.

Please continue to review your student’s grades in ProgressBook.  You and your student can also set up alerts for low grades and missing assignments as well.  Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher, guidance counselor, or an administrator with any questions.  Our expectation is that grades are updated in ProgressBook once per week and that any email or phone call is returned within 24 business hours. 

The Frontline ProgressBook Parent & Student Mobile App v1.0.2 is now available in both app stores. 

This release will now support the ability to receive push notifications for Missing Assignment and Low Mark alerts once upgraded. Once upgraded, the app will prompt parents and students to enable push notifications on their device if they wish to receive them. This update also contains enhancements to the calendar view which allows users to further filter and collapse the calendar to see more assignments for a chosen day.

Parents and students will be prompted to update their app on their device.

Here is a video on how to set up Missing Assignment and Low Assignment Marks Notifications in the Frontline Parent and Student mobile app v1.0.2:

If you are experiencing problems accessing ProgressBook, please reach out to

Students in Grades 9-11 received their class schedules for next year this past Monday at lunch.  Students will have until June 1 to request a change to their schedule for next year, so please take time to review the schedule with your student.  Please note that any requests for a schedule change must be submitted to your student’s counselor in writing via email or via Microsoft Teams chat.

If your student has outstanding fees, they can be paid online by logging into our Parent Portal at  There are additional instructions, including how to set up an account and how to retrieve your password in the PDF attached to this email.

May 15th through May 18th Harrison High School will be having the annual Shower with Kindness drive sponsored by Student Council. This is an event that started two years ago at the high school. Shower with Kindness is a weeklong collection where we ask students and staff members to bring in basic hygienic products to be donated to a local shelter. This year we will be donating to Heart House Inc. as a district! We want this year's Shower with Kindness drive to serve as an opportunity to bring the district together and help make a difference in the community. To find out more information about what to donate and the event itself view the attached. Thank you so much for your participation in this event!

William Henry Harrison High School will be hosting a Day of Service on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.  The purpose of this Day of Service is to provide students an opportunity to complete service projects in our community, as well as surrounding communities.  Students that will be completing projects with WHHHS staff members will be notified of their project next week.  It is important for these students to understand the importance of being in attendance on Wednesday, May 17 because many local groups and organizations are relying on WHHHS students to complete community service projects.  

If students completed a permission form to complete their own project that day, they do not need to report to school. 

The Class of 2023 Final Semester Planner was mailed to families the week of February 20.  This booklet includes all of the important dates and details for our graduating seniors.  This mailing also included fee/fine notices as well, as these obligations must be taken care of in order for a student to receive their diploma.  We also distributed fee/fine notices to students in Advisory on Thursday, February 23.  The final day to pay fees/fines is Monday, May 22.  Please contact Mrs. Kimberly Frey in the Main Office at 513-367-4169 ext. 8425 with any questions.

Yearbooks for the 2022-2023 school year are on sale for $85 each through May 31.  To order, please visit:

Contact Jane Hinterlong with any questions.

All students entering grades 7 and 12 will be required to be vaccinated against the meningococcal disease. One dose of meningococcal vaccine is required prior to entry into the 7th grade. A second dose of meningococcal vaccine is required prior to entry into the 12th grade. The second dose must be administered on or after the 16th birthday, with at least 8 weeks between the first and second dose. If the first dose of meningococcal was administered after the 16th birthday, a second dose is not required. If a pupil is in the 12th grade and is 15 years of age or younger, only one dose is required.

A written verification, in the form of a note, fax or email, is required from your family physician or the Hamilton County Health Department. Members of the senior class who have not provided proper verification of a second dose of meningococcal vaccine may be excluded from school and subject to disciplinary measures for non-attendance. Thank you for your proactive approach in addressing this issue. Seniors are required to show written proof of the vaccination no later than September 5, 2023. Failure to do so may result in being excluded from all classes and all school activities.

Our hope is to keep our students and parents informed well in advanced of areas of concern. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Hamilton County Health Department (513-946-7882) or Harrison High School (513-367-4169). All documentation and forms may be emailed to the school nurse at or faxed to the high school at 513-367-7251. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Hamilton County Health Department (513-946-7882) or Harrison High School (513-367-4169).


We have been informed that the Coca-Cola Gives Program is discontinuing for us.  We have until June to enter all of the Coke Points.  If you have Coke Points laying around, please send them to the school ASAP!  

The application for the 2023 Harrison Jr. Sr. High PTO Craft and Vendor Show was sent out to the vendors that participated last year.  They have until next week to return their applications.  Once we know how many spots we have available, we will open up the application process to new vendors.  The date for the Craft and Vendor Show is October 14, 2023.  We also have a standing date - it will always be the second Saturday of October! You can follow the event on Facebook for updates: Harrison Jr. Sr. High PTO Craft and Vendor Show.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions!

TUES 5/16: Spring Band Concert – 7:00 PM
WEDS 5/17: Day of Service
THURS 5/18: MORP 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
MON 5/22: Last Day for Seniors to Pay Fees

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time.  Thank you, have a great weekend and Go Wildcats!

Joe Pollitt
William Henry Harrison High School

Paying Fees Online Using PayForIt.pdf