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Update for Seniors

Posted on: April 16, 2020
Class of 2020

Parents of Seniors:

We are calling an audible and revising our plans for portions of the Senior Video, in light of the current state of affairs.  Our goal remains to produce a Senior Video that the graduates can look back on as a fun and accurate snapshot of life in 2019-2020.  Please see the following three items and encourage your senior to participate in all three.  We would like to have these submissions by this weekend.

1.  We need spring candid pictures from all seniors, to fill the gaps that are left since we aren't actually in school.  We are asking all seniors to take candid pictures of yourself during quarantine.  Examples could include a picture of you on a Microsoft Teams meeting, social distancing at the park, celebrating Easter with your grandparents via FaceTime... think along the lines of "what did the quarantine mean to me"? 

Please hold your phone horizontally when taking the pictures.  Please email the pictures to shelby.young@mywildcats.org or courtney.becker@mywildcats.org.  (Note that you must send these from your MyWildcats email in order to send it to their MyWildcats email.  If you need to use an email other than your MyWildcats, please send them to mike.morris@southwestschools.org.)  See the Class of 2020 Teams page for more information, and contact Shelby or Courtney with any questions.

2.  In addition to the Candid pictures we just mentioned, we also need some video clips from you.  We have 4 questions, and we would like for each senior to send a video answering these questions about quarantine life.  We will then compile the responses to make the Senior Video Open.  The questions are as follows:

1. What’s the best part about quarantine life?
2. What’s the worst part about quarantine life?
3. What does it mean to you being a senior during this time?
4. What will you take away from this situation in the long run?

These clips will need to be emailed to me at mhaynie4802@gmail.com ASAP. 

Morgan made an example video which is posted on the Class of 2020 Teams page, so everyone has an idea of what to send in.  Let her know if you have any questions.  Please participate to make the senior video a good representation of our class. Thanks!


  1.   Even though no spring sports events have taken place, we still want to feature the spring sports seniors.  We are asking seniors to send in pictures of themselves in their uniforms from previous seasons, this year’s Senior Banner pictures, or pictures of them and their teammates.  If you have these types of pictures, please send them to kaileyegan6@gmail.com.  Without these pictures, we will not be able to complete this part of the video. Please send your pictures by this weekend. Thank you!


Here are a few more announcements for seniors, not related to the Senior Video:

- “What’s Up, Wildcats” broadcasts are being recorded and posted to the high school YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  Please watch these to keep up with important announcements.  Also, be sure you are following the Harrison High School Twitter feed @HarrisonWildcat and Facebook page @WilliamHenryHarrisonHighSchool. 

- Scholarship applications are available on Naviance.  Please pay attention to the due dates.  Completed applications can be mailed to Harrison High School, to the attention of Mrs. Acra.  They can also be dropped off in the front lobby at the high school from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Monday-Friday.  Some scholarships have addresses for applicants to mail directly to the sponsor.  You can find that specific information on Naviance under “Scholarships”.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Acra at connie.acra@southwestschools.org.

- Attention Key Club Seniors:  Please make sure you check Naviance for the Kiwanis Scholarship.  This is a great opportunity to receive money for school next year!  Apply today!

- We may not be in school, but we can still show the world we are about to graduate!  Crown Trophy is selling 24x18 yard signs, customized for each graduate.  Visit the high school Twitter and Facebook pages for example pictures and details.  Signs are $25 each.  Contact Crown Trophy directly for more information and to place an order if interested.  Please note that Harrison High School is not affiliated with this promotion, and this is not a fundraiser for the school.  We are simply providing this information for any interested families. 

- If you are a Senior who is interested in speaking at graduation, start sharpening those public speaking and speech-writing skills!  We are looking for original, thought-provoking speeches and strong, skillful speakers.

Submit your typed speech to Mrs. Hinterlong at jane.hinterlong@southwestschools.org by Friday, April 24.  A group of teachers and administrators will review the submissions and ask 3-5 speakers to audition.  The candidates will deliver their speeches to a small group of teachers, who will then select 1-2 graduation speakers.  This may have to be done remotely.

For more information, check the high school website under "Important Information for Seniors".  Email Mrs. Hinterlong at jane.hinterlong@southwestschools.org with any questions. 


- Athletic College Signing Day will be "virtual" this year.  If you are a senior and you are still working on your college commitment for participating in athletics at the next level, please be sure to email Mr. Meibers at mark.meibers@southwestschools.org ASAP.

- If any senior has not ordered their cap and gown, please call Graduate Service at 513-272-5890.  Email Mrs. Kinnett at amy.kinnett@southwestschools.org with any questions.