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HJS Update

Posted on: April 5, 2021

Welcome Back!
It was a wonderful week of Spring Break, and we want to wish each of you a Happy Easter!!!  A few announcements to start the week:

4th Quarter – Academic Growth

We are 2 weeks into the Fourth Quarter, this is a great checkpoint to get online and see your child’s progress.  We encourage you to get online, check Progress Book, and if there are questions or concerns, please contact that teacher.

Social Emotional Learning Programs/Bullying Concerns – Social Growth

As a follow up from the previous parent email blast, I want to thank our students, staff, and families who have shared their concerns, and directly spoken with our school to help specific situations.  We will continue to focus on this throughout the school year and as we enter the new Harrison Junior School.

If there is a concern that takes place between students, students/families can also report it directly to Mr. Rouster at or to our Guidance office (7th & 8th Mrs. DeRisi at, 6th Grade Mrs. Lee at 

Extended Learning Opportunities – Academic Growth

Throughout this year, we are well aware of the challenges facing many of our students - through a combination of quarantine, online learning, and other factors.  We want to help find a way to close the gaps for this specific group of students, while also offering tutoring opportunities for all students who may be interested.

This week, any student who we believe is at risk of failing for the school year will receive a letter and a phone call notifying them of the expectation for them to join us after school 2 days a week until 4:45 to work on closing these academic gaps.  Students who are successful fourth quarter, and attend this program, may have the opportunity to forgo Summer School.

In addition, we will be opening targeted tutoring for any student interested in getting caught up, receiving homework help, or learning specific skills to help close out the school year. 

AIR Testing Dates – Academic Growth

AIR Testing is still happening in the State of Ohio this year.  State testing will begin for ELA on April 6th with our SPED/504 students.  The majority of our students will take their ELA test on April 13th & April 15th.  This schedule is still being finalized, and we will publish the full testing schedule directly to students following Spring Break.  Be on the lookout this week. 

Yearbook Information – Social Growth
Is your student is interested in ordering a 2020-2021 HJS yearbook?  If so, please click HERE to order.  The books are $40 and all orders can be placed online through the Balfour website. Orders are due soon, and are going quick, so make sure to get yours ordered!  E-mail with any questions. 

The New Harrison Junior School – Academic & Social Growth

Mark your calendar, the ribbon cutting of the New Harrison Junior School will take place on Sunday, August 1st.  For many of our students, we are planning to tour them prior to going home for the summer to allow them to plan for next year.  Having the opportunity to watch this building be built has been incredible and we want to continue to thank our community for the support.

Track Information – Social Growth

We have several running activities taking place right now that students can get involved with.  Our 7th and 8th Grade Track season is in full swing.  Students who are interested in joining track still can, please email for more information!  All track parents need to watch the Sports Information video by clicking HERE.

Youth Track for our 6th Graders is getting ready to roll.  Sign up online at  

Finally, our Cross Country runners (or students who may be interested in Cross Country) can also join Running Club.  If you are interested in Running Club, please email

Thank You

​​​​​​​We can’t wait for this incredible Spring, and look forward to working with our students and families!