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Transportation Update

Posted on: August 13, 2022
School Bus

Our routing for the start of the 2022-2023 school year was finished this weekend.  We have processed hundreds of changes since our initial bus schedule was released resulting from new enrollees, parent requests, address changes, and a variety of other reasons.  These changes put numerous bus routes over capacity as we are extremely tight on space heading into the school year.  As a result, a lot of bus information has changed since bus information was first pushed out to our families.  Parents should again log into Final Forms to see their child’s updated bus information for the coming year.  To view this information, please log in via the Online Forms portion of the Abre Parent/Student Portal and access Final Forms.  Once you click on your child’s name, you will click “Forms,” and then click on the “Transportation Information” tab.  Keep in mind that these times will be a bit off the first week or so as drivers learn their new routes, stops, and assign seats. 

If your child will not be riding the bus this year but has bus information in Final Forms, please pass along that information so that we can free up room on the bus for other students who may need it as we continue to get new enrollees and expect additional changes in the coming weeks.  Future changes can be submitted via the “School Bus Transportation Request Form” found on the Transportation Department webpage of the district website.  These changes will not be made prior to the start of the school year but will be processed as soon as possible. 

As we start the school year, we wanted to provide a reminder of some Ohio laws centered around student safety and transportation.  Drivers are required to designate a “Place of Safety” for each bus stop.  They will count the number of students that exit the bus and then count the students at the place of safety before pulling away.  This ensures that no students are in the “danger zone” of the bus where they may not be seen.  These Places of Safety will be established during the first week of school and are referenced in some of the points below: 

At the bus stop …

  • Be at your bus stop’s Place of Safety at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Bus riders must wait at their Place of Safety as the bus approaches/leaves the stop.
  • The driver will use a hand signal to cross riders from their place of safety on their side of the street.  Please wait for this signal before crossing the street.
  • NEVER run after a bus that has left your bus stop – this is extremely dangerous as the child may not be seen by the driver when behind the bus.
  • Please have all toddlers or pets away from bus stop to help drivers count students accurately.

On the road …

  • The bus lights will start out “amber” (yellow) before turning red.  Please start to yield – not speed up when you see the yellow lights.
  • When loading/unloading at a 3- or 4-way intersection, the bus controls the entire intersection until it’s lights are turned off.  Cars may NOT move as students could be crossing in all directions.
  • Cars MUST stop in all directions on a two-way road when a bus is stopped to load/unload (red lights active and stop sign extended).
  • On a 3-4 lane road, vehicles are only required to stop when going the same direction as the bus.
  • For the safety of our students, if you are ever unsure what to do – just stop and wait.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

We can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday and thank all of our families in advance for their patience this week as our drivers learn new routes and student names.

  • SLSD Transportation