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SLSD: Listening, Learning, Acting

Posted on: March 9, 2024
Did You Know
Throughout our community engagement, the issue of bullying in our schools came up a lot. We work every day to ensure that our students can learn in an environment that is welcoming and safe. A big part of that process has been to prioritize ways to handle bullying when it arises.
A couple key facts that you should know. First, the SLSD bullying policy was updated and revised just a few years ago in 2020. Second, we recently added 3 new mental health specialists with expertise in youth mental health. These experts are on call to help students facing issues inside and outside the classroom. Third, we maintain a strict adherence to the code of conduct to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. And finally, we recently had a training for staff at Harrison Junior School on recognizing the bullying behaviors and effects of bullying on students.
This is a critical issue for us at SLSD, so we will continue to provide information and clarification based on what we heard from you in our town halls and surveys. Thank you for continuing to engage with us!