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Crosby Update

Posted on: October 28, 2022


District Calendar:



 1           PBIS Pancake Breakfast for Selected Students

 3           Banking Day

 8          Teacher Inservice – No school for students

10         Veteran’s Day Ceremony 1:45 p.m.

11         Veteran's Day- No School

17         Banking Day

23         Conference Release Day- No School

24-25    Thanksgiving Break- No School

28         PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m. Art Room



 1          Banking Day

 4          PTO Breakfast with Santa (This is a change from original.)

5-9        PTO Santa Shop

 8          Musical 3rd Grade 6:00 & 4th Grade 7:15

13         Christmas Program from Church on Fire

15         Banking Day & Christmas Party Day

16         End of Quarter- No School for students

19-30    Winter Break- No School



2           Winter Break- No School

5            Banking Day

16          MLK Jr. Day- No School

19          Banking Day



2            Banking Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00-8:00 p.m.

7            Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30 p.m.

14          Valentine’s Day Party Day

16          Banking Day

17          Conference Release Day- No School

20          President’s Day- No School



 2              Banking Day

16             Banking Day

17             End of Quarter- No school for students

20-24        Spring Break- No School



6              Banking Day

7              Good Friday- No School

10            No School

20            Banking Day

26            Musical 1st Grade 6:00 & 2nd Grade 7:15



 4             Banking Day

18            Banking Day

19            Teacher In-service Day- No school for students

29            Memorial Day- No School

31            Last day of school for students



It is hard to believe that we have completed the first quarter of the school year. Please take a few minutes to complete our First Quarter Parent Survey so that we can measure the progress towards our building goals for the 22-23 School Year.



Our Veteran’s Day Ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 10th at 1:45 p.m. If your child plans to invite guests to attend, please be sure to fill out the survey below so that we have an appropriate amount of seating and refreshments.



With the upcoming cold and flu season upon us, please remember to keep students home when sick to help prevent spread. Students must be free of fevers, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours, without the use of medication, before returning to school. Please contact the school if your student will be out. Let's stay healthy and safe this winter!



Don't miss out! Secure a yearbook by using the link below. Code: 6582623

Yearbooks are PRE-SALE only! There will NOT be any extras to sell at the end of the year! So please order NOW!




Student Absences and Excuses

Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, irregular attendance is the major reason for poor schoolwork; therefore, all students are urged to make appointments, do personal errands, etc., outside of school hours.

Reasons for which students may be medically excused include, but are not limited to (customize to reflect District reasons):

1.  personal illness of the student;

2.  illness in the student’s family necessitating the presence of the child;

3.  quarantine for contagious disease or

4. emergency or other set of circumstances in which the judgment of the Superintendent constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school, which may include but not be limited to absences due to documented medical appointments.


Reasons for which students may be nonmedically excused include, but are not limited to (customize to reflect District reasons):

1.  needed at home to perform necessary work directly and exclusively for parents or legal guardians for a limited period of time when approved by the Superintendent (applies to students over 14 years of age only);

2.  death in the family (applies to absences of up to 18 school hours unless a reasonable cause may be shown for a longer absence);

3.  observance of religious holidays consistent with a student’s truly held religious belief;

4.  traveling out of state to attend a Board-approved enrichment activity or extracurricular activity (applies to absences of up to 24 school hours);

5.  college visitation;

6.  absences due to a student’s placement in foster care or change in foster care placement or any court proceedings related to their foster care status;

7.  absences due to a student being homeless;                                            

8.  as determined by the Superintendent.

The district makes an attempt to contact the parent, guardian, or other person having care of a student who has not notified the school of the student’s absence that day regarding that student’s absence without legitimate excuse within 120 minutes of the start of the school day.  The Board authorizes the Superintendent to determine and use the appropriate notification procedure and methods consistent with State law.

Each student who is absent must immediately, upon return to school, make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) to make up work missed.  Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by State law may, or may not, be permitted to make up work.  Each case is considered on its merits by the principal and the respective teacher(s).  Students who are absent due to an in-school or out-of-school suspension are permitted to make up missed classroom assignments in accordance with District level policies and procedures.  Students are requested to bring a note to school after each absence explaining the reason for the absence or tardiness in accordance with procedures and timelines defined in District level policies and procedures.

The Board does not believe that students should be excused from school for vacations or other nonemergency trips.  The responsibility for such absences resides with the parent(s), and they must not expect any work missed by their child to be retaught by the teacher.  If the school is notified in advance of such a trip, reasonable efforts are made to prepare a general list of assignments for the student to do while he/she is absent.



What is the definition of excessive absences?
Ohio Revised Code 3321.191(C)(1) states that a student is excessively absent “with a nonmedical excuse or without legitimate excuse from the public school the child is supposed to attend for thirty-eight or more hours in one school month, or sixty-five or more hours in a school year.”



How do I access my child’s grades and report card?

To access Progress Book login information, login to Final Forms and click on: Student/Parent Access Codes. All the information you need to create or access your account is here. If you are having any issues email .


How does the district/school communicate information?

District- email using School Messenger, website, Facebook, Twitter

School- Principal- Monthly Email/Text sent using School Messenger

Facebook and Twitter are used to post reminders only- all new information will be                 communicated through email/text.

Teachers- Progress Book, weekly newsletters, apps (Dojo, Remind, etc.)

PTO- Membership Toolkit: or Facebook: Crosby Elementary PTO


How do I email my child’s teacher?

Or this page will link you to our staff directory: