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Academic and Social Growth for ALL students, EVERY DAY!

Community Work Sites

Miami Whitewater United Methodist Church

Our Mission: “To boldly make and nurture disciples of Christ” 

That might seem like a wordy statement to some – but it’s really quite simple. Without fear or apology, we firmly believe that the best life possible for anyone is one where a relationship with Christ is active and growing, and where the Bible is the key influence for all decisions we make and actions we take. 

Pastor Mike Barthel joined Miami Whitewater in 2006, and his heart was burdened with a clear question of purpose: “How can we reach people with a message of hope that’s found only in a meaningful relationship with Christ, and how can we best support and encourage them to genuinely grow in their faith walk?” 

Small groups, worship gatherings, times of food and fellowship –everything that we offer and support here at Miami Whitewater- is offered to help accomplish that one purpose: that through these opportunities you would develop a stronger, deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ. 

We invite you to be our guest, take some time to hear and learn what the Bible says concerning your life, pray and ask God to share with you His plan for your future, and make sure to let us know about it! We want to encourage you, pray with you and support you. 

Be encouraged knowing that God has great things in store for your life! 

Harrison Vet Hospital

Harrison Animal Hospital
102 May Drive, Harrison, OH(513) 367-4806‎

Services: Veterinary Care For Small Animals
Licensed: Yes (All statements concerning insurance, 

Dr Kirst is absolutely the best vet around. She is very caring and loves the pets she treats. I would never take my dogs (4) anywhere else. She is SO trustworthy. If anything is beyond her area of expertise and she is unable to resolve an issue or has any doubt whatsoever she never fails to refer you to a specialist that she knows can help. This makes her a great vet in my book. She is more concerned about the animals than her wallet. I will never take my dogs anywhere else ever. I hope she is in business forever.‎ 

Skyline Chili

Students work at Skyline twice a week doing different opening prep-work.  Some of the responsibilities that each of the students have are: sweeping the parking lot, cleaning and set up of tables and booths, wiping down menu's, wiping down booster sets and hair chairs, cleaning bathrroms, and much more.

The employees at Skyline work with the students in assisting them gain the employablility skills. Thank you to all of the wonderful employees at Skyline!!

Apparel Masters

Students work at Apparel Masters twice a week from 10:00am-1:00p.m. The students sort towels and put them into bundles that then are sent off to places like Children's Hospital and other fitness clubs. The students really enjoy working with the wonderful people that are employed there.

At Monk's Kitchen located in Harrison, students work as a cashier and a greeter. They work twice a week from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. Some of the responsibilities are: Washing windows, greeting people, working the cash register, serving customers their orders, and much more.

The restaurant is a wonderful place to gain employability skills. We appreciate the hard work that all of the employees and owner put into our program and school.

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