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If you are a student or parent of a student who is thinking about College, the following sites will help you understand what is expected of you and where you can find the information to help you reach your goal. 


This is a great site to help with knowing where to start with exploring the idea of college. The site gives time lines from Freshman year to Senior year.

College Board

This site has information for students, parents,professionals. It covers SAT and ACT information, along with information on college.

William Henry Harrison High School Transition

Helpful Sites

  • College Search and Prep
  • Learning Express
    • For practice tests for ACT, SAT, PSAT and more!  YOu need to create a FREE account and then you can practice all kinds of tests online.
    • This site is for students who are interested in attending college. The first section is all about finding the right college and the second section is all about how to finance it.(Be sure to check out CURRENT Scholarships at the WHHHS Scholarship wiki)
  • Practice for the ACT, SAT, PSAT and more here. Just click on the College Prep section. You will need to create a FREE account.
  • NEW- 
    • College Confidential- provides students with information and tools for choosing a college, applying to college, and paying for college.
    • College Crunch- features college reviews, college profiles, tips on financing college, and career planning advice. The career planning advice includes lists of salaries by career.
    • College Grazing- has a great selection of interest surveys designed to help students think about why they want to go to college, the type of college that matches their interests, and the types of college programs for which they might best be suited. It helps guide students and parents through the whole selection process, application process, and the financial aspects.
    • Educaedu- is essentially a search engine for degree programs. Select the country and then the geographic region in which you would like to study, then select the type of program you want. It will generate a list of schools that provide what you desire.
    • Google Universities- "Google's University Search enables you to narrow your search to a specific school website. Try it for things like admissions information, course schedules, or alumni news."
    • Unigo- has reviews of colleges written by students as well as video content. It includes asocial networking aspect so that future students can connect with others for a first-hand account about their lives in college. There are videos, photos, and articles also.
    • CAMPUS COMPARE is a great new site that covers more than 3,000 colleges. It has reviews of the schools, articles with advice, finance calculators, "quick facts", and even a tool that can predict the student's odds of getting into a college.
    • CAMPUS EXPLORER- new! This is like a Matchmaker for college applicants. It is a new search engine that aims to help students determine which college is the best match for them. Students enter information such as their SAT or ACT scores and grade-point average, and the site determines which schools they are eligible to attend. The site then matches students with specific schools on this list, based on their preferences they indicate--such as distance from home, academic interests, and their financial situation. It is for both two and four year institutions.
    • CAMPUS TOURS Great if you already have a feel for where you want to go. It will connect you to that school’s link and tell you where you can find information about college admissions or when it’s holding tours.
    • CAREERSANDCOLLEGES.COM– Helps you locate the best college for you as well as aids in scholarships.
    • COLLEGE BOARD ONLINE: This site includes college searches, scholarship searches and financial aid calculations. Also, SAT schedules and online test registration is available. Actual PRACTICE tests for the SAT are included here
    • COLLEGE GUIDES AND ADMISSIONS: This site provides students with access to a free, searchable directory of more than 100 college and financial aid resources.
    • COLLEGE VIEW: With great graphics, this site is a search service with profiles of more than 3,500 colleges, virtual campus tours, online applications, career planning tools and more. Probably the best site available. Ask an Expert helps in answering questions about testing, forms and applying for financial aid. Actual PRACTICE tests for the SAT are included here.
    • COUNSELOR’S GUIDE TO OHIO INDEPENDENT COLLEGES: Links to the home pages of 47 private colleges and universities in Ohio. Financial aid programs for Ohio colleges, Federal Financial Aid programs, links to financial aid resources such as FAFSA and more. Also, an interactive college matching assistance program.
    • ECAMPUS TOURS- Search for schools state by state or name. Stroll through the campus, even the book store for mascot paraphernalia.
    • NCAA: Information from the National Collegiate Athletic Association for those who hope to play college sports.
    • SNAP TECHNOLOGIES: Features a college search program for prospective graduate, as well as undergraduate students.
    • *NEW!- College.Gov- – A new website from the federal government—aids in all areas of college search.
  • ALSO SEE BELOW- Some of the financial aid sites also help find colleges.


  • A-LIST EDUCATION: This site works to improve SAT and test preparation for students. Teachers can work with students to provide programs that are tailored to their needs.
  • ACT’S WEBSITE: Anything you need to know about the hows and whens regarding the ACT test.
  • ADMISSIONS OFFICE: Provides a multitude of links. A nice layout is arranged under categories from scholarships to applications. Great scholarship section.
  • COLLEGE ANSWER.COM– by Sallie Mae, is a Forbes winner for outstanding college resources —college search and funding
  • COLLEGE IS POSSIBLE: (CIP): Go to the Resources section to find The Right School for You, Paying for College, and Preparing for College.
  • COLLEGENET.COM– Powerful scholarship search as well as college search and college applications online.
  • COLLEGE POWERPREP: Offers free help in preparation for the SATs and PSATs. College guidance and resources are also available.
  • COLLEGE QUEST: This site features a college search program as well as information on financial aid and admissions tests.
  • FASTWEB One of the fastest and largest scholarship search engines on the net. It allows users to create their own personal files and uses this to help direct them to the best scholarships for their needs. And, it is FREE!
  • **FIN AID**: The No. 1 source for financial aid info. It has scholarship databases, loan payment schedules, grants, special contests and forecasting calculators to help you your needs.
  • TUITION FUNDING SOURCES: (Sponsored by Pepsi-Cola) Huge scholarship database!
  • U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: BEST starting point for information on federal student financial aid. Includes links to publications, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and information on new tax cuts for higher education.
  • ****WIRED SCHOLAR****: . This is a FANTASTIC website to provide guidance in preparing for college, selecting a college, applying, paying for college and financing college.
  • OTHER SITES OF USE: (All are free but may require a username and password of your choice)
    • Making it
    • Transitioning to College: Helping You Succeed—this site has five videos which dramatize college transition experiences. It also has links to useful resources as well as tips for student success.

Project Format Ideas 

BOOKS- 3D!- ZooBurst is an online program that allows students to create 3D books--that revolve, pop-up and show pictures as well as have balloons for speaking. Each user is allowed to create TEN free books. If you want to create more or have more fun tools, it costs $.

Career Research and Information For current scholarship information, be sure to check out our school's scholarship wiki.
Career Websites…. Career Information: See High School Media Specialist for username and password for our subscription to Careers internet database.This database includes acareer test, help on where to go to pursue your career, what the educational requirements are for your career, a salary calculator, a link to career reports, links to scholarships, contests, and more! 
Infohio, through EBSCO Host, has a Vocational and Career Collection Database. Click on Grades 9-12, then choose EBSCO Host. Choose ALL DATABASES and scroll down to the bottom for this database. Infohio username and password will be needed for at-home use. See your Media Specialist for these words.

Also try:

Career Descriptions: Career Forward- This is a federally funded career database that helps students to learn about careers in the 21st century. (FREE!) Career Briefs- Select any of the occupational groups below to view summaries for selected occupations. 
Also, see Career Key* in the section below.
Career Descriptions Home- This is a great site for brief descriptions of careers as well as a multitude of other career aids including a FREE assessment test.
Occupational Outlook Handbook- This classic work presents information on job titles, earnings, job outlook, and much more

Career Assessments: Kiersey Assessments- Click on Career Assessment. > Then click on either the FREE Career Assessment or Take a FREE Career Test (You must have an email account)

Career Types- Click on Free Career Aptitude Test Or go to a test site.
California Career Zone- Excellent for career assessment and resources--free!
Career Kids- This includes an easy resume maker and brief information about various careers.
Career Ship- Get education requirements, what the profession does, and what kind of interests you should have for this job. Click on the Middle/High School tab.
Fun Works- take the test and find the career that is right for you. This includes out of the ordinary jobs--ones you do not normally consider or know to exist.
Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This joins careers to fields of interest. It then will explain about the job and how many jobs there are in this field and give links to other careers that may also be related.

STEM Careers- At this site, you will be given a simulation of what jobs are available in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.

LearningExpress Library from INFOOhio(You may need a username and password for this--see your Media Specialist for these.)
Find and click on the Learning Express icon—click on it again
From the right-hand side, click on Job Search and Success Skills
You will need to create a username/password 
Then, choose from “Finding the Job That’s Right for You”, to “Success on the Job” 
NEW-- "The LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator™ provides personalized, step-by-step job search assistance for all levels of job seekers. Job seekers can explore suitable occupations from over 1,000 detailed occupation profiles and find available jobs in their area from a database of over 5 million up-to-date job postings. With Job & Career Accelerator, users can easily create professional targeted resumes, master interviewing techniques, improve work related skills and prepare for occupation-related exams. In addition, it helps job seekers plan, tailor, and track multiple job searches at the same time while providing expert advice and tips each step of the way.

Other Possible Options: 

Similar Minds
Personality Page
Fun Education
My Career Quizzes
Career Voyages
College Toolkit

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