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WVE Update

Posted on: December 29, 2020

No matter how you & your family are celebrating the season, the teachers & staff at WVE hope for good health and wellness!  Our teachers and staff members are enjoying a break that is more deserved this year than any other.  Continue to celebrate small and sneak in some relaxation before school resumes in the new year.  Many of the updates below were shared before winter break & are being sent as a reminder.

Second Semester Updates for All Families:

  • School resumes January 4th for all students!
  • We are working in close partnership with the Hamilton County Health Department and as a school, we are excited about the progress being made with vaccine distribution.  Our number priority is student and staff safety - each and every day.  As a part of this, it is imperative that you report if your child has COVID-19.  This includes any cases over winter break.  This will allow us to work with your family to ensure that the return dates are accurate, as well as help our school make the best decisions about teaching face-to-face vs. emergency remote.  Our goal is to always keep our students face to face; we believe they learn better this way.  This only works if as a school we are honest with our families, and our families are honest with the district.  If your child is diagnosed with COVID-19, or is quarantined as a result of a close contact, please email Mia Neckel (mia.neckel@southwestschools.org) and call the school office at 513-367-5577 and leave a voicemail for Mrs. Neckel.  We are monitoring messages to help us make the most informed decision about how we return to school on January 4th.
  • The progress on our three new elementary schools is quite phenomenal!  Please visit our website southwestschools.org/facilities to see the weekly blitz messages and photo gallery.  Miami Whitewater Elementary, Crosby Elementary, and Harrison Elementary are set to open in Fall, 2021.  We are currently raising funds for full rubberized playing surfaces for all three playgrounds and accessible play equipment for Miami Whitewater Elementary.  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, have connections to a business that could make our dream a reality, or would like to hear more about the project please email Mrs. Neckel or Mr. John C. Hamstra (john.hamstra@southwestschools.org).  

Face-to-Face Family Updates:

  • Transportation letters were sent home earlier in December with all students who will be riding SLSD transportation second semester.  Route information has been published in Final Forms for all families to log in and see over the holiday break, just as we did for 1st semester.  All trip summaries are also posted to the SLSD website for parents to view (southwestschools.org/transportation).  There are changes to both bus numbers and times for several students due to overcrowding on some routes and having to add a 5th bus to accommodate the number of students returning from the virtual setting.  
  • Arrival at WVE will continue in three waves second semester.  Please remember that students should not exit vehicles until 8:40am, as that is when we open the doors and begin temp checks and health screenings.  We do not have teachers in classrooms before 8:40am to supervise students.  When students start to gather in groups out front, there are not adults to remind them to maintain a safe distance.  Winter weather will be arriving soon as well & we don't encourage having students wait in the cold for the doors to open.
    • Wave #1 at 8:40am = Last names A-I 
    • Wave #2 at 8:50am = Last names J-R
    • Wave #3 at 9:00am = Last names S-Z
  • Dismissal will be in three waves also.  As a reminder, check the list below to see when your child will be dismissed if he/she is a car rider or walker.  All parents, guardians, and grandparents who pick students up and choose to exit their vehicle are reminded that masks are required on school property.  Please do your part to keep our students safe, or stay inside your vehicle while waiting for your kiddo.
    • Wave #1 at 3:40pm = Last names A-I 
    • Wave #2 at 3:45pm = Last names J-R
    • Wave #3 at 3:50pm = Last names S-Z
  • Kindergarten times will remain the same for the second half of the school year.  AM K is from 9:10-11:55 and PM K is from 12:55-3:40.
  • Students will be outside for recess as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees and it's not raining or snowing.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the winter weather with a heavy coat, hat, and gloves or mittens.  I highly suggest labeling winter gear with your child's name in case anything gets lost in the shuffle.

Virtual Family Updates:

  • If your child was virtual first semester and is switching to face-to-face in January, please send their device and charger to school on January 4th.  We will be collecting them in the office.
  • The K-5 virtual teaching assignments for Semester 2 are as follows:
    • K - all schools: Allison Williams
    • Grades 1 and 2: Stephanie Hale
    • Grades 3 and 4:Allison Decker
    • Grade 5: Dana Stafford
    • Virtual Intervention Specialist: Anna Bryant
  • Mark your calendar for Jan. 7th.  This is the anticipated date for our virtual parent "Boot Camp".  This session will help you learn the basics of guiding your child as a learning coach, the assignment expectations, and much much more!  We will send out a school messenger update with details closer to the date.

Appreciate the remainder of winter break - we look forward to seeing our kiddos on January 4th, both walking through the doors at school and on our screens learning virtually.  2021 holds lots of hope!