Whitewater Valley Elementary School News

Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Ups Now Available Online

Posted on: January 12, 2019
Winter Conferences will be February 5th and 7th at Whitewater Valley Elementary.
We are transitioning to a paperless online scheduling program. There are many benefits to this; including convenience, quicker responses, fewer conflicts, fewer no-shows and most importantly... your child is no longer the courier of conference sign-up sheets and confirmation papers! We are following the model used by Harrison HS and Harrison Jr. School as well.
Please feel free to email me at mia.neckel@southwestschools.org with feedback and thoughts about how we can improve this process for the 2019-2020 Parent-Teacher Conferences.
For this round of conferences, you will see ads along the right sidebar and top of your screen. If we choose to use this program next year, we will invest in an upgrade and that comes with better features and will also be ad free!
To schedule your conferences, please click the link below. Once you're redirected, you will be able to find spots by teacher and date.
If you have issues or have questions at any point in the scheduling process, please contact Mrs. Reese at doreen.reese@southwestschools.org or call us at school (513.367.5577).