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SLSD Health Update

Posted on: September 20, 2021

When we see significant numbers of students and / or staff out due to COVID, we will shift to either universal masking or remote instruction. Like last year, we will do this by building to start. It is important that families are prepared for either scenario.

When there is universal masking in schools, students do not miss face to face instruction due to quarantine.  Case in point: On September 6, we had 138 students out at WHHHS - 17 positive cases and 121 close contact quarantines. As of today, two weeks later and with universal masking in place, we have 4 positive students and ZERO close contacts – a 134-student differential which equates to 1,340 days of instruction saved.  As we have said numerous times, our #1 priority is safety and keeping kids learning IN SCHOOL.

Click HERE for this week’s SLSD COVID Dashboard.