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SLSD: Listening, Learning, Acting

Posted on: May 25, 2024
Financial News

Last week, we continued our five-part video series about how school finance works at SLSD. In the first video, we discussed the history of past levies here at Southwest, and how SLSD utilizes your tax dollars to ensure a quality education and opportunities for every student. 

If you missed last week’s video or the previous parts in our school finance series, you can view them by clicking below:
Video #1.
Video #2
Video #3

This week, our finance series continues with a focus on how enrollment and inflation impact expenditures at SLSD. 
You can watch this new video HERE.

The big takeaway is that, as enrollment increases at SLSD, the amount of money being spent also increases. Ensuring that every student gets the the education they deserve in every building is critical, and spending increases as enrollment increases. Additionally, economic inflation plays a role in how much the district spends. As costs for services, maintenance and more increase, so do the budgets associated with those expenditures.

We continue to provide the information that we’ve been hearing the community ask for throughout our efforts to engage more directly with residents, parents, and students.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of our series, which will provide more information on how new residential developments impact school finance.