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Early Dismissal for Grades K-8 on Thursday and Friday

Posted on: September 11, 2019

SLSD Parents / Guardians,


The heat is not letting up. Throw in temps in the 70’s at night with 90% humidity to start the day and you’ve got sauna like conditions in our K – 8 classrooms, before the sun comes up. Temps are going jump in to the low to mid 90’s tomorrow and Friday, with heat indices / “feels like” temperatures in the high 90’s. When it’s that hot / humid outside it feels like over 100 degrees in our non-air conditioned classrooms. Very little to zero learning takes places in such conditions. Our students looked like zombies yesterday afternoon and at dismissal – having made it through the day. I am guessing the same will be true today, despite chances for rain.


All this said, our K – 8 students will be on a two-hour early dismissal both Thursday (Sept. 12) and Friday (Sept. 13) – due to the extreme heat.  PM Kindergarten, Head start and Pre School are all cancelled for the next two days (Sept. 12 and 13).  Extra-curricular activities for these grade levels are cancelled as well. 

The schedule at the high school will not be altered.  


Student and staff safety is goal #1 and of utmost importance. Yesterday, the forecasted high temperature was 91. At dismissal, the temp had climbed to 95 and the “feels like” temp was over 100 degrees outside. Today, temps are supposed to stay a bit lower due to the cloud cover and potential for rain, but tomorrow and Friday, the sun is back, as is the potential for the heat index to rise above 100 again.


We wanted to give you all as much notice as possible to accommodate this change in schedule.


John C. Hamstra


Southwest Local School District