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2020-2021 Bus Transportation Information

Posted on: April 28, 2020

Around April of each year, the transportation department begins to work on the bus routes for the following year.  While it isn't as feasible to send out a personalized form for each students as we have in year's past, we would like to know who is changing their pick-up and drop-off locations for next year.  

Click HERE for a link to the 2020-2021 Transportation Request Form.  Hard copy forms will also be available at the elementary schools during Brain Bag drop-off / pick-up on May 4.   

To limit the number of papers coming into our office, we are only asking parents of students who are changing their child's transportation pick-up or drop-off locations for next school year to submit a new form.  For any student that does not return a paper, we will simply roll-over their current information for pick-up and drop-off to next school year.  If you would like everything to stay the same as this year, there is no need to submit a form to our office.

Forms for those that are changing information for next school year can be returned to the school office, the SLSD District Office, or emailed to once completed.  Questions regarding transportation may also be emailed to or  Thank you for taking the time to complete this information and give us a "head start" on planning for next school year.