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Arrival / Dismissal Procedures and Traffic Flow

Posted on: September 2, 2020

We are excited about the start of school on Tuesday, September 8, and we cannot wait to see our students!  As you know, the school environment will look a little different this year, but with the help and support of our parents, students and staff, we are confident the school day will run as smooth as possible.

With the limited number of students permitted on our buses due to social distancing regulations, more students than ever will be car riders.  To ensure students' safety and alleviate traffic congestion as much as possible, we are implementing a new traffic pattern for dropping off students in the morning.  All drop offs will take place in the Activity Center parking lot.  Students will pass through a clearing station where they will have their temperature taken and use hand sanitizer.  Remember, masks must be on!
- Parents should enter the Activity Center lot at the driveway next to the digital sign. 
- Two lanes will be available for temperature checks and drop off. 
- When you leave the lot, if you will be turning right onto West Road toward Dry Fork Rd., you can be in EITHER lane for temperature checks. 
- If you will be turning left onto West Road (heading in the direction of Carolina Trace and Harrison Avenue), you MUST be in the RIGHT lane for temperature checks.  After your student has passed the clearing station, you will circle around and drive behind the Activity Center and exit the driveway closest to the tennis courts.

No students will be permitted to be dropped off at the front entrance of the junior school, except those with a medical necessity.  

With the help of Officer Willig, we have prepared a brief video to illustrate these new procedures.  Please click HERE and watch it with your student and be sure that everyone is familiar with the new protocols.

Patience and grace will both be key as everyone adapts to the new normal, and we appreciate your continued support!

In education,
Christian Tracy