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State Minimum Transportation

Unfortunately, we have determined that it is not currently possible to place all those students who have requested transportation to and/or from school for face-to-face instruction on our limited number of bus routes with the current COVID restrictions in place.  As a result, Southwest Local School District has been forced, along with many other districts around the state, to move to the minimum transportation standards required by the state of Ohio.  We had really hoped to avoid this outcome and greatly appreciate all those parents who have offered to drive their child to and from school or arranged for car pools with their neighbors in order to limit our ridership and give us the greatest chance to avoid this move - it simply wasn't enough unfortunately.

To start the 2020-2021 school year, students attending both public and non-public schools who utilize Southwest Local School Bus Transportation and live within two miles of their school of attendance will not be eligible for school bus transportation.  Additionally, no school bus transportation will be available for commercial day cares or intra-district transfers to start the school year.  

Please note that we expect this move to be temporary.  If restrictions change or we see an opportunity to reinstate services in some capacity as the school year progresses, our district will make every effort to expand transportation services beyond the state minimums. 

Linked below are maps of the current "no-transportation" zones for each school:

Crosby Elementary
Harrison Elementary
Miamitown Elementary
Whitewater Valley Elementary
Harrison Junior School
St. John's


Parents of elementary-age students, view the attendance area map to verify which elementary school your child will attend, beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, based on your area of residence.