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Crosby Elementary

Harrison Elementary

Harrison Junior School

Miami Whitewater Elementary


March, 2020

At Miami Whitewater, concrete footings are finished.  CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) installation has begun, and the first slab pour will happen soon.  The parking lot between the buildings has also been stabilized. 

At Crosby and Harrison El., bearing walls continue to rise, slab on grade pours continue, along with underground MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) installation, and underground kitchen utilities continue to progress. 

Weekly Blitz - 03/06/20

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Weekly Blitz - 03/20/20

February, 2020

At Crosby and Harrison El., footers are complete and foundation block is being laid.  Underground utility prep / slab prep is getting underway.  Masons and electricians have been mobilized.  Elevator pits are in process.  Bearing walls have begun to rise. 

At Central Campus, storm piping is complete and aggregate piering is taking place.  The water main has been brought into the site, and footers are expected to start up by early March.

Weekly Blitz - 02/07/20

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January, 2020

Installation of utility piping for water distribution continues, gravel laydown continues, exterior footings and foundations are underway. Storm water drainage is complete at Harrison and Crosby. The loop road gravel is installed at central campus, the north parking lot and junior school east parking lot is graveled in.  350 Geopiers are being installed at central campus.  Both the new Junior School and Miami Whitewater Elementary will sit on these piers, due to their weight and the ground underneath the schools being sand and gravel. 


Weekly Blitz - 01/10/20

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December, 2019

Storm piping and drainage has been installed at all three sites, and stone and cement stabilization is complete.  Footers will be installed next month and additional utilities and concrete pads follow the footers.  Work with the engineers continues for the necessary road improvements at Crosby and Miami Whitewater.  Working in concert with the City of Harrison and Hamilton County, we were awarded a combination grant for over $800K for our Central Campus road work – which will result in turn lanes near the tennis courts on West Road and a turn lane near the condos on Dry Fork Road.  There will also be the first round-about in Harrison coming to the intersection of Dry Fork and West Road.  Road improvements will take shape towards the very end of our project. 

Weekly Blitz - 12/06/19

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Weekly Blitz - 12/20/19

November, 2019

Dirt continues to move, with the areas where the schools will sit being at their proper levels. Detention ponds are finished with the necessary piping. Storm drainage and utilities are being worked on. Cement stabilization is complete and footers are expected to start taking shape around November 15. Utilities and concrete pads follow the footers.

A technology meeting was held on November 6, speaking to what the classroom / building tech will include, as well as camera surveillance, swipe card door entries, wiring installs, panic buttons, etc.

An important piece to our new schools (and renovated High School) is telling our story through our Pride Wall project. The fourth Pride Wall committee meetings were held on November 5 & 6.  Connecting our rich history with the future is extremely powerful, and these meetings continue with this endeavor. At this latest round of meetings, we nailed down our final template, started to piece together what our walls will look like and made some critical decisions with regards to continuity and flow. We also talked “finish line” and additional picture / memorabilia collection.  Meeting notes can be found HERE.

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October, 2019

Early site work began in earnest in early October, 2019.  This included removing current obstacles, earth moving, and site preparation.  

September, 2019

The third meeting of the Pride Wall Committee was held on September 17.  At this meeting, each of the four site committees met together to continue to refine the plan.  Many photographs and artifacts have been obtained, with more continuing to roll in.  A more definite dimension of space was now available, which aided in the prioritization of the items to be included.  Meeting notes can be found HERE.