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Community Conversations: Soliciting Input From Local Residents

The success of our community and our schools is interconnected. 

Southwest Local Schools believes that education needs to take a leading role in sustaining our great community for generations to come. Guided by our district motto, "Excellence through Relationships", we strive to create a working partnership among students, parents, staff and community that takes responsibility for both raising our children and meeting our community's needs.

SLSD is now working to deepen these mutually beneficial relationships by engaging in a series of community conversations that will help the district understand our community needs by hearing from all residents, not just parents.  In the end, this will help us serve the community as we educate our children. 

All local residents are invited and encouraged to be part of the discussion, which focuses on issues such as:

  • What should our community’s future look like?
  • What role should the district play in achieving that future?
  • What can schools and community accomplish together?
  • How can our new school buildings serve the whole community