About Our District

Community and Corporate Partners

Many thanks to the following community groups and businesses that support our schools and our students - their generosity is much appreciated!

  • Church on Fire - provides Back-To-School supplies in August to any student attending their Highlighter event; collects food items for three schools' Snack Pack program (Harrison Elementary, Crosby Elementary and Miamitown Elementary)
  • LifeSprings Community Christian Church - painted STEAM lab; provides weekly snack-packs for more than 50 students; recruits volunteers to work at school functions
  • McDonald's in Harrison - supports school events
  • Miami Savings Bank - runs a SchoolHouse Savers Banking program at Whitewater Valley Elementary
  • Remke Markets - provide food donations for school events, such as open house, grandparents' day and Veterans' Day celebrations
  • Skyline - supports schools' "student of the month" programs; huge supporter of Harrison athletics